Complete goPure Skin Care System Instructions (Day & Night Time Routine)

It’s so exciting opening that box of goPure skincare and goodies. Congratulations! You’re on your way to brighter, firmer-looking skin. Getting these results starts with getting into a solid routine and consistency is the key to unlocking that glow.

Daytime Routine

It’s important to start each day with a fresh face. Begin by cleansing with your Vitamin C Cleanser and balancing your skin using your Hydrating Toner.

A routine rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C and Vitamin E is ideal for a daytime skincare routine. Sun exposure causes most of our skin damage and premature aging and an antioxidant-rich routine will support your skin best during the day. Your antioxidant-packed daytime routine features your Brighten and Even Serum and your Hydrate and Smooth Serum.

This routine is best applied on damp skin. Press in a few drops of your Brighten and Even Serum and wait about 30-60 seconds before applying your Hydrate and Smooth Serum.

Boosters: After serums, let’s get boosting! If you would like to boost your results and target specific concerns, grab these boosters:

10% Niacinamide Serum

Eye Cream

Rosehip Oil

Seal the deal with your Moisturizer of Choice:
Vitamin C Moisturizer or Glyco-Peptide Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer.

Skin care doesn’t stop at the jawline. The Tighten and Lift Neck Cream is the perfect way to care for the delicate skin on your neck and decollete. You can bring your serums on to the neck during your routine and top with the Tighten and Lift Neck Cream for added results.

And don’t forget to use SPF daily :)

Esthetician Tip: It’s ok to start slowly if you have sensitive or reactive skin and start with one serum and then in a week or so, add in the other one.

Note: This is also your anytime routine, so anytime you’re not using retinol at night you can use this brightening and hydrating routine. These products work both day and night.

Evening Routine

When we sleep our blood flow increases and our skin restores itself. Think of your evening routine as your opportunity for deeper skin care and even more targeted treatments to elevate your results.

Thorough cleansing is our first step in preparing our skin to receive the ingredient skin of our products.

Esthetician Tip: Try a double cleanse. Use your Rosehip Oil to remove your makeup. Massage the oil onto dry skin. Add a splash of water and continue to massage. Rinse with warm water and a washcloth. Follow with your Vitamin C Cleanser.

The goPure exfoliators are formulated for all skin types but may be an extra ideal for specific skin types:

Restorative Enzyme Mask is ideal for dry and sensitive skin and gives a nourishing boost.

• Microdermabrasion Resurfacing Exfoliator is ideal for oily/combination skin and concerns with rough skin.

Sheet masks are a great way to boost your routine and they are a fun added experience. After cleansing and toning, apply your sheet mask and leave on for 15 minutes. You can use a rose quartz roller over the sheet mask for added relaxation. Remove and discard the sheet mask and massage the serum into the skin. You can use serums on top of this and complete your routine as usual or just add your moisturizer of choice to finish your routine for a simple approach.

Starting Retinol:

Retinol should be eased into and applied on dry skin. You can start with your Firm and Lift Serum 1-2 evenings in your first week and see how your skin feels and how it is adjusting. Remember that it is normal for the skin to feel drier, and some irritation is possible when introducing retinol. You can work your way up to more evenings.

Esthetician Tip: Retinol beginners and people with sensitive skin can opt for the all-in-one Retinol Moisturizer as their retinol product of choice before integrating the Firm and Lift Serum into your routine.

Note: Are you exfoliating at night? Your exfoliating products and retinol are best suited for your evening routine and they should be used on separate nights. On exfoliation nights, use your Brightening and Hydrating daytime serums/routine mentioned above.

Boosters: Your evening routine is an ideal time to boost your results and target specific concerns.

•  Eye Cream

• Brightening Sheet Mask

Make sure to moisturize to finish your evening routine. The Glyco-Peptide Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer or the Retinol Moisturizer are ideal for an evening routine after using retinol. The Vitamin C Moisturizer or the Glyco-Peptide Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer are ideal options for exfoliation routines. Remember to use your Tighten and Lift Neck Cream on the neck and decollete too for targeted results on that area as well.

Day & Night Routine Steps

Note: If you do not have one step, don't worry! Just skip that step and continue with the next. 

gopure beauty essential day and night skincare routines
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Hi Chris,

Thank you for your feedback and we are so sorry to hear that you haven’t seen any results yet. We have a lot of customers who experience results quickly and some customers don’t experience results for about 6-8 weeks.

Over time and with consistent daily use, you may continue to see improved results. As with all skincare, results will vary, and it can take time to see the deepest and most meaningful results. This can be 2-4 weeks and up to 8+ weeks.

Here are the recommended directions for the use of your serums:

Morning Routine (please apply in this order after cleansing and toning):

1) Brighten & Even Serum (allow 30-35 seconds in between serums) 2) Hydrate & Smooth Serum 3) Vitamin C Cream or Anti-Wrinkle Cream then sunscreen

Use the Firm & Lift Serum at night after cleansing and toning (please apply the Firm & Lift Serum on dry skin) followed by the Retinol Cream or Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further questions or concerns.

Thank you, Maya gopure beauty

goPure Beauty

I haven’t used my products because I can’t find a clear answer to which order to use them in.
goPure Beauty replied:
Hi Irene! We apologize for the inconvenience. Here are the directions in using the Actives Serums:


Step 1: Cleanse your face thoroughly with the cleanser of your choice, and pat dry. Step 2: Apply 4-5 drops of Brighten and even serum (Orange bottle). While your skin is damp with this serum, proceed with step 3 Step 3: Apply 4-6 drops of Hydrate and Smooth serum(Green bottle). Wait for 30 seconds for absorption and follow it with moisturizer then sunscreen.


Step 1: Cleanse your face thoroughly with a good cleanser, and pat dry. Step 2: Allow the skin to fully dry. Apply 4-5 drops of Firm and Lift serum(Purple bottle). Wait for 30 seconds for absorption and follow it with moisturizer. 💚

Irene Campos

I just started using gopure, I love the way my face feels after cleansing and moisturizing, I don’t think my skin has ever been this soft! My face doesn’t feel weighed down and heavy like it did with the products I used before.
I’ve read everything I’m sent on how to use the product, what products to use together and when to use them.
But I’m still confused!
The instructions for a routine are some what confusing!
Also it would be very helpful if I could print the routines and instructions from my emails that gopure sends me.
Thank you for your great products!!


I just purchased the trio. I would like some directions as to the order I am supposed to use for day/evening and which ones. Please??


I am a little confused as when reading the routing, you are upselling other products. I was told to start with the “power trio”. I have had for 3 weeks now and have not started. Hoping to today but have a question about night. After using Firm and Lift, am I suppose to also use a moisturizer after? If so, assume one that does not have retinol in it?

Carrie Shapiro

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