goPure Rewards

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is goPure Rewards?

    It's our free, perk-filled loyalty program that rewards you for shopping the skincare you love! Earn points when you buy your favorite products, leave reviews, engage with us on social media, and so much more. Plus, get a special birthday treat every year and rack up refer-a-friend perks, too. Easily redeem your points for discounts and free products. Join goPure Rewards now to get started!

  • Who can join?

    Everyone is invited to join! Simply create an account on our site to start earning today. To create an account, click here.

  • Do I need to join if I'm already a customer?

    You'll be automatically enrolled if you already had a goPure account prior to launch of the program. If you've purchased in the past but never made an account, you'll need to create one in order to use your points. It's quick and easy! To create an account, click here.

  • How do I earn points?

    Earning is easy! You'll earn 200 points just by joining goPure Rewards. Rack up more points by purchasing goPure products, following us on social media, referring a friend, leaving product reviews on our site, and more. You'll even get bonus points on your birthday!

  • How do I redeem my points?

    Redeeming your points is simple. You can start redeeming once you have 500 points. Simply log in to your account and go to checkout. Enter the number of points you want to redeem for discounts and click 'Redeem'. Or, head to the Rewards section on your account page to redeem your points for free products and discounts.

  • How can I check my points balance?

    To check your balance, sign into your account here.

  • Do my points ever expire?

    Yes, points do expire after 12 months of not placing an order. As long as you place just one order per year, your points won't expire. So, be sure to place at least one order every 12 months to keep your points ready to redeem!

  • Can I combine my rewards with a discount code?

    While you can't combine discount codes and rewards, you'll still earn points on any purchase you make using a discount code! It's the best of both worlds. Please note, there's a limit of one reward per order.

  • Can I earn points on past purchases?

    You cannot retroactively earn points on purchases made before the program’s official launch date on July 21, 2023.  However, moving forward you'll have up to 30 days after a purchase to create an account and earn points from that purchase. 

  • Can I earn points on multiple reviews?

    We love to hear about your experience with all the products that you've tried. Although, you can only earn points on one review every 30 days. Points for reviews will be approved 30 days after the purchase date. The email for your review must match your rewards account.

  • I completed an action, but the points are not showing up. What went wrong?

    Note that it may take up to 24 hours for points to appear in your account. Also note that in order for points to automatically be credited to your account, you must complete the action through the Rewards page. For referrals, your points will be pending for a 60 day approval period. For reviews, your points will be pending for a 30 day approval period. Balance still incorrect? please contact our support team here.

  • What are the different goPure statuses?

    There are 3 statuses in which you can find yourself as a goPure Rewards member. Every purchase you make with goPure contributes to your status level — and each offers new amazing perks.

    Check out the table above for more information on status benefits.

  • What is a referral?

    Give $15, get $15 (in points) when you tell a friend! The referral begins when you share your unique link with a skincare-loving bestie. You'll find your exclusive link under "Ways to Earn" when logged in to your rewards account. Friends who click the link will be directed to our website where they will be greeted with a welcome message and a special coupon code. They can redeem $15 off by spending a minimum of $39 USD on their first order. You'll be rewarded for every successful referral that uses the special code. It must be your friends first order with goPure and there will be a 60 day approval period before your points become available.

  • I can't log into my account. Can you help?

    Try resetting your password by clicking “forgot password” link on the Account sign-in page here. We'll send an email to the address on file prompting you to reset your password. If you still can't get in, please contact our support team here.