Skin Prep for that Natural Makeup Glow for Summer

Summer Beauty Meltdown is real and it is HERE! How the summer weather impacts our skin and our makeup depends on our specific summer weather conditions. Is it hot and humid or hot and dry? That summer makeup glow is so individual and it comes down to our skin, our climate, and how we like our makeup to look.

Heat, sun exposure, sweat, and excess oil are working against our bronzed summer glam makeup goals. It can also make our pores look larger, trigger breakouts, and we may experience texture changes in our skin. We may also need to manage flare-ups of skin conditions and deepening dark spots. Watch my Live Recap video here to follow the skin prep & makeup look step-by-step!

Skin Prep 101

Great makeup starts with skin that is cared for consistently. Skincare under makeup is referred to as ‘skin prep’ by makeup artists. Your makeup will look its best on skin that is cleansed, exfoliated, and properly moisturized. There are some specific steps you can take in the summer to help prevent makeup breakdown as well.

Your skin prep can start the night before. If you know you want your skin extra smooth for your makeup application, you can use the Microdermabrasion Exfoliator. If you want to remove any excess peach fuzz from the face, opt for a Dermaplane session. Watch the dermaplane tutorial here

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In the morning, reach for your Vitamin C Cleanser and follow with the Hydrating Toner. The toner is ideal if you battle excess shine or pore size, or just want to balance the skin.

Pro Tip: If your skin is dry and you struggle with uneven texture when you apply your makeup, you can apply the Enzyme Mask AFTER toning and let it sit on the skin for 5-10 minutes. Wipe it away and move on to your serum steps.


You can’t go wrong with Vitamin C + Hydration. Just because we are planning for our makeup doesn’t mean we don’t need to still take the proper skincare steps. Vitamin C is so important for our skin during the day to help support with the protection of our skin against free radical damage. Our Actives Brighten & Even Serum contains Ferulic Acid to help boost the effects of Vitamin C and other antioxidant ingredients for maximum results. Following this with our Actives Hydrate & Smooth Serum will help plump the look of the skin and minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles for the smoothest possible makeup application. 

If you live in a dry climate, make sure to mist your skin with a little extra water to give it a plumping boost. If you live in a very humid climate, your serums will be able to use the extra moisture in the air.

If you battle large pores and shine in the summer, make sure to reach for your 10% Niacinamide Booster. You can even just press a few drops on your most problematic areas.

If your eye area is looking extra crepey from the heat, you can make a quick eye mask. Press on extra Eye Gel around the eye area and let it sit for 5 minutes. If you have any left on the skin afterwards, you can wipe it away and pat on your Advanced Repair Eye Cream. Don’t forget to get your lips too!


Moisturizer is your best friend under makeup. Every skin type needs moisturizer and this can even act as your primer. If you struggle with makeup meltdown, you can use small amounts of moisturizer and see how the product absorbs before adding a little more.

Give your skincare 5 or more minutes to fully absorb before moving on to your SPF. The SPF you choose can greatly impact how your makeup looks and wears. You can choose one that boosts your glow or one that helps give the skin a shine-free finish. Some can also act as makeup primers. There are even SPF makeup setting sprays! Don’t be afraid to explore your SPF options to find what is right for you in the summer. Click here to find the right SPF for your skin.

It’s time for that Summer Makeup Glow!

Specialized products can help give your makeup a long-wearing boost in the more intense conditions of the summer. It is important to try makeup products and see what works in your specific summer weather and with your skin type + concerns, that will give you the coverage, wear, and finish you are looking to achieve. For fun, I am trying some makeup products for the first time to see how I like them, along with some of my favorites. 


Makeup primers are optional. Your skincare and especially your moisturizer works as a primer. Primers need to work with your foundation formulation and sometimes the wrong primer is the reason makeup slips off of the skin. If you do live in more extreme heat during the summer, or struggle with excess oil and shine, pore size, or texture, an additional primer can help smooth the look of the skin and block oil and sweat from breaking up makeup.

For my live, I tried the Rare Beauty Illuminating primer for the first time to boost my glow. 


Reach for foundation and concealer (aka Coverage) that works with your skin type and summer conditions. Do you want light hydrating coverage or fuller coverage that can block shine? This will be the difference between reaching for a BB cream or tinted moisturizer, vs matte and long-wearing or powder foundation.

Application varies based on the actual product, however, a slightly damp blending sponge generally works for most foundations. Less can be more in the summer so start with smaller amounts and just add coverage where you need it.

You can dab your concealer under the eyes and on any spots you would like to additionally conceal and blend with your fingers or your blending sponge. Less is more so apply small amounts in thin layers to prevent creasing.

Pro tip: I like having a hydrating concealer on hand as well as a long-wearing concealer. I start with the hydrating concealer and add just a small amount of long-wearing concealer to help boost the coverage and wear. Nars radiant concealer + Tarte shape tape.

Spray down the entire face with a setting spray and press in with your blender to help lock in your coverage. You can even get some setting spray on your fingers and dab on your undereye concealer to boost the wear.

Priming the eyes can help lock in your shadow and keep it from fading and creasing. Urban Decay has been a go-to of mine for years.

Summer heat and humidity can make our brows misbehave. The NYX brow glue is easy to brush through the brows to hold them in place all day. Filling in the brows can give more shape and structure to the face. I opted to use eyeshadow to give my brows a quick fill to define the shape. Senna Cosmetics is a pro artist favorite and offers a wide range of brow products.

Blushlighting & Bronzing the Face and Eyes

Multitasking products make for an effortless, bronzy summer glow. Did you know the right summer bronzer and blush can be used on the eyes and face?! There are so many fun palettes out there so I grabbed a few new ones to try just for you!

Viseart makes gorgeous eyeshadows, blushes, and bronzers. I started with the Bronze Noix on my cheeks and upper forehead to slightly contour and in the crease of my eye area.

Blushlighting is the technique that uses a blush with a glow to add color and highlight. It leaves a fresh and skin-kissed look. I tried the new Beauty Bakerie Blush Palette in Cotton Candy Champagne. I love a peachy pink blush for this in the summer. I added this blush to my eyelids as well.

Next, I reached for the Touch in Sol #GLOWDIENT palette to add a bronzy shimmer and focused on the areas where the sun would hit my face (make sure you aren’t using a bronzer that is too dark). I also added the deeper bronze shades from the palette to my outer eyelid areas on the top and bottom.

For some extra definition, I reached for the Wander Beauty Escape Palette and took the dark brown eyeshadow and applied it with an angled brush just on the outer top of my eyelid, and gave it a slight kitten wing flick.

I finished the look by curling my lashes and applying the Maybelline Sky HighLash Sensational Mascara. You can use waterproof mascara if it is really hot and humid, but I am finding that this mascara performs like a waterproof, but is easier to remove at the end of the day. 

For my lips, I lined the upper and lower lips with a natural-looking lip liner, Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, and topped it with a shimmery gloss from Patrick Ta, but you can even use a lip balm to add some extra hydration and natural shine.

Powder to set in the areas where you want to control shine and finish with another liberal round of setting spray.

If you have more oily skin, you can use more powder, however, you want to make sure it isn’t making your pores more visible, so setting sprays that control oil and shine are a wonderful way to finish your routine with less powder. 

Now you’re ready to get glowing this summer!
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Hi! Liz Wadden sent this link to me after I asked her a question. Great article!
Loved the product recommendations! Especially the two eye concealers.
Here’s my issue: Live in hot/humid Florida, 71 yrs young, very active/sweaty, eye bags with slight wrinkles at bottom of bags, use eye creams/gels but let absorb and blot gently to prep for concealer.
Help! Is/are there concealers that will stay on and not be drying and/or products/primers that would the concealer to not budge? Or hacks?
Many thanks for your time and knowledge!
Edna Taylor

Edna Taylor

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