Perfect Pairings: Vitamin C Booster Edition

The gold standard in skincare is here! If you’re wondering how to use our innovative Vitamin C Booster, we’re here to set you up for skincare success with our mix list.

Just 1-2 pre-measured shakes of our NEW Vitamin C Booster is all you need to add to your favorite water-based serum to supercharge your routine for brighter-looking skin. Check out our esthetician-approved tips for the perfect goPure pairings!


Vitamin C Moisturizer

Ideal for all skin types, especially sensitive skin and those new to ascorbic acid
This is a great combination for anyone to try, especially if you don’t know how your skin will react to this potent ingredient. This is our version of the vitamin C sandwich…or smoothie! Add the booster after your serums and into your moisturizer. This acts as a buffer, allowing your skin to acclimate to this powerful active ingredient.
Try shaking the booster into the palm of your hand, and then add a spritz of water to dissolve it. Next, mix it into your Vitamin C Day Moisturizer for an all-in-one product!

Dramatically Dewy

Ideal for Normal to Dry Skin

A great combo if you’re searching for a surge of hydration and barrier support! This duo is a simple entryway if you’re looking to add the Vitamin C Booster into your routine. Your Vitamin C Booster will amp up the antioxidants and give your favorite serum a brightening boost. Can you say glowing skin?   If you don’t have the Dramatically Dewy Serum yet, try the Hydrate and Smooth Serum

Did You Know? The hibiscus flower extract in our Dramatically Dewy Serum is a rich source of natural vitamin C.


10% Niacinamide Booster

Ideal for Normal to Oily and breakout-prone skin

There’s a misconception that niacinamide and vitamin C don’t play well together. This is false! 

In reality, they pair perfectly and will add a synergy to a routine that is intended to target dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Our 10% Niacinamide Booster and Vitamin C Booster are the perfect combo to use at night for anyone who can’t use retinol, but wants to target the appearance of large pores and uneven texture.

Did You Know? Oily skin can have a harder time tolerating this form of vitamin C. It may initially trigger breakouts, but pairing with niacinamide can make using it gentler on your skin.


Brighten & Even Serum

Ideal for the Vitamin C Expert

Mixing vitamin C with more vitamin C? Yep! Our Brighten & Even Serum features Kakadu Plum, as well as the vitamin C derivative known as sodium ascorbyl phosphate. Because the Vitamin C Booster is pure vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, you’re actually getting an initial dose of vitamin C from the booster powder. The Brighten and Even Serum provides more of a time-releasing impact.

Did You Know? Kakadu Plum is the world’s richest source of vitamin C.

Searching for a more targeted treatment?

Mix a shake of the Vitamin C Booster with water, then dab into your dark spots for precision application. You can also amp up the effects of your Spot Corrector pen to target the appearance of your most stubborn spots!

Remember, to avoid irritation, don’t mix the booster with retinol-based products or exfoliants. Always be sure to patch test a new product to see how it reacts to your unique skin.

Are you ready to glow? Leave a comment below if you’ve tried one of these perfect pairings!
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