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Instant Facial Exfoliation Set

Instant Facial Exfoliation Set

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Meet: skin perfection, two ways. To refine congested skin, our BHA formula exfoliates deep within the pores, unclogging skin for a clearer, smoother, more perfect complexion. To rejuvenate signs of age, our AHA exfoliant resurfaces the top layers of the skin with microdoses of acids for a firmer, brighter, smoother look.

  • Refines the look of pores and breakouts
  • Smooths the look of rough texture & wrinkles
  • Brightens the look of dullness & hyperpigmentation

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In this Set

$ 68.00 Value


Refine It! 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

$ 29.00

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Helps Support Your:

Pore Size

Texture and Radiance

Uneven Skin Tone


Bottle of GoPure Wake Up Radiant AHA Peel containing 15% AHAs, 4% Phytic Acid, and Pumpkin Enzymes, with a volume of 1.2 fl oz (35.48 ml). The bottle is green with a white pump and label.

Wake Up Radiant AHA Peel

$ 39.00

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Helps Support Your:

Fine lines & Wrinkles

Dull & Uneven Skin

Skin Radiance

  • Side-by-side comparison of a woman's lower face before and after using BHA for 4 weeks. The "before" image shows more visible redness and blemishes, while the "after" image shows clearer, smoother skin with reduced redness
  • Elisa L.

    I’d say the overall redness and my former acne scarring is what I’m most happy to see improvement with. The benefit of softer skin and smaller pores is an added bonus!

    3 weeks ago
  • Emily G.

    My skin is overall more radiant! I definitely notice a difference in texture and dark spots.

    3 weeks ago
  • Brittany N.

    I love the gentle formula, it’s hydrating and creamy and doesn’t irritate my face. I’ve noticed an improvement in fine lines and overall radiance.

    3 weeks ago
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How to Use

  1. Step 1

    Use the BHA Liquid Exfoliant either in the mornings or at night, starting with 3x a week – working your way up to every day if desired.

  2. Step 2

    Use the AHA Peel ONLY at night up to 3x a week. Sensitive skin should only use one exfoliation product per day

  3. Step 3

    NEVER use these exfoliants in the same routine


How to Use

  • Can I use these 2 products together?

    Choose one exfoliation product in your skincare routine and typically exfoliation products should only be used 1x per day. The AHA Peel and BHA Exfoliant can be alternated throughout the week with in in different routines.

  • When Do I Use The BHA?

    This product can be used in your routine day or night. You can start using it a few times a week and increase up to daily as tolerated. Apply product to cleansed, dried skin.

  • Can I Use The BHA In Place Of A Toner?

    This can be used in place of or with your toner.

  • Will This Make My Skin Peel?

    This isn't a "peel" in the sense that your skin will peel. There are small amounts of multiple types of exfoliants that have different molecule sizes that resurface the skin from the top layer and work slightly inward. When used as directed, you will have a gentle and effective exfoliation experience with no peeling or down time.
  • Can I Use This On Sensitive Skin?

    Yes, this is safe to use on sensitive skin but always patch test before using.