Transition Your Skincare From Summer To Fall

As summer comes to an end and fall approaches, a lot can change. More clothing layers, busier schedules, earlier bedtimes, less vacations, and colder weather are all a part of what is expected to change in the fall but what you might not know is that our skincare routine needs a change too.

Fall typically brings a drier climate, cooler temperatures, and harsher environmental conditions, so let's help your skin make the transition from hot and humid to cool and dry with these esthetician-backed product recommendations.

Fall Skincare Essentials

Brighten & Even Serum
Starting off strong with our Brighten and Even Serum, it is the perfect product to include in your fall-time routine. Vitamin C supports the prevention of skin barrier impairment that can happen during the harsh and unpredictable conditions of the fall. Free radicals can damage the skin's natural barrier, which strips vital and healthy oils from its surface.

Harsh fall weather conditions can contribute to skin being dry and dehydrated, and this product is great for reducing that impact. Vitamin C is known to help brighten the look of your skin and giving it a glowing look after using it. This can also visibly even skin tone and target the look of hyperpigmentation and dark spots that may have accumulated over the summer months in the sun.

Hydrate & Smooth Serum
It is no secret that Hyaluronic Acid would be on our fall favorites list and our Hydrate and Smooth Serum takes this powerhouse ingredient to the next level. It uses 3 forms of Hyaluronic Acid at different molecular weights to penetrate the skin more deeply and evenly. It also contains Vitamin E, which as we know, creates a natural barrier to keep moisture in our skin while also being incredibly nourishing.

Because Hyaluronic Acid can hold 1000x its weight in water, it does need to be applied to damp skin. But also for this reason, it visibly plumps your skin, reveals a more youthful, glowing appearance, smooths the look of wrinkles and gives the appearance of firmer skin. It is perfect for the dry, irritating weather fall can bring. 

Niacinamide Booster Serum
Our Niacinamide Booster is easily a fall favorite. It is great for targeting the appearance of redness in the skin, reducing the look of large pores, and for balancing oil production. In addition to Niacinamide, it is formulated with Bix-Activ®, LightSKN®, and Pentavitin®. Speaking of fall, it also contains Reforcyl-Aion®, which is packed with Pumpkin Seed Oil and is a smoothing ingredient that balances the look of skin tone and decreases the appearance of wrinkles. This is the perfect booster serum to use all year round, but especially during the fall and winter months.

Glyco-Peptide Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer
With the cold and dry climate that the fall can bring comes drier skin and lack of moisture. If you are oily, dry or even sensitive, chances are you will need a heavier moisturizer than you used in the summer. Our Glyco-Peptide Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer gives your skin a rush of deep hydration without the greasy feeling that some moisturizers can leave.

It is formulated with powerful peptides, a proprietary blend of Dermaxyl® & MATRIXYL®, Solumoist, which is a hydrating Tamarind Seed Extract-based formula that has been clinically proven to hydrate better than traditional Hyaluronic Acid, and hydrating levels of Glycolic Acid. It feels super luxurious on the skin and soothes and targets the look of dry and aging skin. You can use this on its own or in a retinol sandwich. It really is the perfect moisturizer for fall time which is why it makes the list of our fall favorites.

Facial Oils
Like we have already mentioned, cooler air can bring drier skin, which is why oils are super important as you transition your routine to be fall appropriate. Not only are they great to include in our skincare routine, but it is great for our nails, body, and hair during this time as well.

Rosehip Oil is also an excellent ingredient for nourishing your skin, making it perfect for skin that has become dry, itchy, and irritated by the change in chilly weather. Rosehip oil is packed with soothing, hydrating compounds and vitamins A & C making it ideal for moisture-stripped skin from the dry fall air. Since the skin’s natural moisture barrier protects you from environmental stressors and aggressors, these fatty acids are an essential nutrient for your skin during this time. Rosehip is typically a drier oil than Argan, making it perfect for oiler skin types and perfect to be used both morning and night.

Exfoliation in the fall is essential. It helps unclog pores, can help with appearance of acne, buffs away dead skin cells, helps even the appearance of your skin tone, and boosts radiance - all of which are necessary during the fall season. This uncovers the fresh new cells which opens the way for moisturizing products to penetrate more deeply into the skin, making them more effective. A regular exfoliating routine will leave your skin looking fresh and healthy-looking, and keep you glowing even through the dull, cold weather blues.

Our Microdermabrasion Exfoliator is a gentle yet effective way to exfoliate your skin 2-3 times a week depending on your skin's needs. Take a dime-sized amount, mix with water, and gently massage into your skin. Just make sure you remove this stop completely before moving on with the rest of your routine. Also, why it may be tempting, you do not need to use retinol on the same day that you exfoliate so be sure to leave your retinol for the next day!

Enzyme Mask
Fall weather is the perfect time to start some more extensive evening treatments. One of my favorites is our Restorative Enzyme Mask. It has Glycolic Acid, which gently, yet effectively, works to reveal a radiant-looking glow as it whisks away dry, dead skin. Active Fruit Enzymes like perfecting papaya help to visibly brighten and even skin tone. ​​It also contains Cucurbita Pepo Fruit Extract, which is derived from our favorite fall staple - pumpkin!

Apply this mask to a cleansed face, and leave on for 15-20 minutes. It is safe enough to use daily for those without sensitive skin, otherwise 1-2 times a week is great to give your skin the pick me up it needs through the cold weather months. This can also be great for brightening and evening the look of your skin tone, which is necessary after all the sun damage that may have been accumulated during summer days at the pool.

Fall Skincare Pairs:

Niacinamide + Retinol
As we already discussed, retinol use can also potentially bring some irritation to your skin. Another way to combat potential irritation is to pair it with the extremely barrier supportive 10% Niacinamide Booster. Niacinamide is not only very barrier supportive, but it can give your skin a surge of moisture- which is essential for the dry weather fall can bring about. When used together, it decreases the possibility of irritation, allows for fewer side effects, and can keep the skin more hydrated. This pair always works great, but I really love it in the fall when the environmental factors are already harsh enough on the skin as is.

Vitamin C Cleanser + Hydrating Toner
You are probably wondering why these two made the list as they are important all year round. However, it is important to adjust these as the weather changes too. You will want to make sure you are using a gentle cleanser that is not stripping of your skin's barrier and that is not formulated with harsh ingredients. I love our Vitamin C Cleanser because it is free of SLS and other stripping ingredients that can bring irritation to your skin.

It is also important, if you haven’t already, to make the switch from alcohol based toners to something more hydrating. I like our Hydrating Toner because the formula is gentle, creamy, and effective. It balances your skin's pH, removes any lingering dirt and oils, can reduce the appearance of large pores, and deeply moisturizes the skin. Unlike abrasive astringents, this hydrating toner can restore moisture and leave the skin with a more refined appearance thanks to nourishing Witch Hazel, Aloe, Rosehip, and other soothing botanicals. 

Retinol Sandwich
The retinol sandwich is always one of our favorites, but it can be very imperative come the fall cooler weather. Retinol can bring along irritation, redness, dry patches, burning, and even flaky skin. Colder weather can also bring along these conditions, so it is important to be proactive in avoiding it. If you haven’t heard us talking about the retinol sandwich by now, it is essentially pairing your retinol in between your favorite moisturizers - kind of like a sandwich!

In the colder months, I like to opt for a thicker, more nourishing moisturizer, like our Glyco-Peptide Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer. Put a thin layer, followed by your favorite retinol serum, and finish with another layer of this luxurious moisturizer or another favorite of your choice.
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