Simple Skin Prep & Makeup Trends for Fall 2022

Fall is an ideal time to not only switch up your skincare routine but to mix up your makeup looks and add in some seasonal fun. If trends feel overwhelming, you can try one or two for new ideas and enhance your regular routine, while still feeling fresh and authentic. It’s all about making makeup an enjoyable experience and feeling like yourself!

This fall, it's all about the glow, shimmer, and shine! Here are 3 (or 4) easy and on-trend fall 2022 makeup tips from a professional makeup artist, aka your Esti-Bestie, Stephanie.

Glowing Skin

Fresh, glowing skin is in for fall. This is a welcome departure from predictable fall trends of heavier coverage and matte finishes. Glowing skin starts with the right skincare routine and skin prep before makeup.

• Make exfoliation a part of your weekly routine. Properly exfoliated skin will allow makeup to ear better and look smoother. Keep exfoliation to 2-3x a week in most cases.

Reach for our Hydrating Toner if you need an extra boost of hydration or some additional pore clarifying to remove excess impurities that will impact the wear of your makeup.

Make hydrating serums a priority. They will plump the look of the skin and help minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles under foundation. They can also boost that glow!
Here's your full hydrating skincare routine to help boost your skins glow and skins hydration! 

Add on your eye gel or eye cream to nourish the eye area and prep for concealer.

Well-nourished skin will have that extra goPure GLOW! A more nourishing moisturizer will boost the look of radiance. Add in a bit of Argan Oil or Rosehip Oil to take the glow to the next level.
Check out Stephanie's blog, Facial Oils 101, to discover the benefits of adding facial oils to your routine!

The right skincare can work as a good makeup primer, but make sure you give your skincare time to absorb and don’t rush into makeup. If foundation is applied before skincare has had time to properly absorb, it can separate on the skin.

Apply your concealer and foundation as desired, but lighter coverage is in so don’t be afraid to let your skin shine through.


A metallic, monochromatic eye shadow look.
(Bonus fun with some fall, spiced neutral tones, and matching cheek.)

Metallic shimmers come in all shades and intensities and they are an easy and fast way to add a wash of color and texture to elevate a look. Keeping this eyeshadow look monochromatic, or in one color family makes it extra quick, easy, and impactful.

Prep your lid with a concealer or eyeshadow primer.

Choose your shade! What color is going to be your main metallic shimmer for the look? This will be your primary lid color and guide the rest of your eyeshadow choices.

Choose a matte eyeshadow shade that is a similar color and shade of your metallic/shimmer shade. This will be used in your crease and additionally to diffuse the edge of the shimmer.

Add any eyeliner that is in the same hue, but a deeper shade if you’d like.

Finish with mascara.

You can use the same colors to inspire your blush choice and keep the look monochromatic if you are working with spiced shades, like warm orangy tones, or even plums or pinks.


A glossy, lacquered lip

An easy default for fall is a darker lip palette, but traditionally trends can lean more matte as well. This fall, don’t be afraid to play with color and a glossy shine!

Moisturize your lips with a facial oil like Argan Oil during your skin prep and while you are doing the rest of your makeup.

Exfoliate your lips if necessary by mixing a little sugar with some Argan Oil.
Check out more lip prep tips here!

Choose a moisturizing lipstick that will have a sheen. Pick a color that makes you feel AMAZING.

Line your lips with a color similar to or one to two shades deeper than your lipstick of choice, and then apply your lipstick with full coverage.

If you want to boost the gloss and shine further, top this with a lip oil or traditional gloss.

Don’t be afraid to try new colors or textures. If you make a mistake, you can reach for your micellar makeup remover wipes to erase any mishaps. Makeup can be fast, fun, and make a big impact. What trend will you try this fall? Let us know in the comments!
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