Real Women, Real Stories with Janice Miller

We're sharing some of our favorite stories from real women & the amazing results they have experienced with goPure! Read on to find out about tips & tricks that will help you on your personal skin care journey & which products to use to get your best results.

Today's story comes from Janice Miller, a retired public school teacher, who has just began her skincare journey. Here's what she shared:

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I retired from being a public school teacher several years ago. I now work part-time at a private school. I love to knit. I also love to make TikToks. I have a husband named Larry and [we've] been married for 22 years. I also have a daughter & two grandchildren. I would describe myself as happy, confident, & loving. 

What is your experience with skin care?

At 67, this is the first time I have focused on one skincare line & made an effort to really take care of my skin. I really had no consistent routine.

What's has been your challenge with previous skin care products?

My skin is dry & blotchy red. I struggle with finding affordable products that actually help with my issues. Most of the time, the products I [buy] stay unused in my cabinet.

What's your current skin challenges & goals?

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! I think keeping my skin hydrated ends up helping my coloring & wrinkles.

When did you start using goPure & why?

I have been using gopure for two months. I saw a TikTok & was very intrigued by what I saw.

What's your favorite goPure product & why?

I love love love the Hydrate & Smooth Serum. My skin feels moist & smooth after using it.

When did you start seeing results, which product, & what specific results?

I saw my skin tone, look brighter, & smoother after just two weeks of using goPure products!

Why do you prefer goPure over the other skin care brands you've used in the past?

I love the info cards! They helped me establish a routine. I previously used another line that had similar products but I couldn’t figure out when and how to use them!

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How would you describe goPure in 3 words?

Natural, clean, effective

How would you recommend goPure to Your friends?

This is easy! I took before & after photos so I could show my friends how goPure has helped my skin. That is the BEST advertisement.

Describe a bad experience you had with a skin care brand & how it made you feel.

I bought a VERY expensive neck cream that promised miraculous results. After using it a month I saw no change –– not even subtle change. After I complained the company sent me a free jar to keep me from canceling my subscription. I ended up using a total of three jars with no change. I felt lied to!

How do you feel when you look in the mirror after using goPure?

My skin hasn’t looked this good in years & years. It makes me feel so confident.


Do you have any tips or tricks to share with others about goPure products?

I keep a little foldable fan in my drawer to use when I am using the serums & need them to dry a little fast on those rushed mornings.

If you had to pick one skincare item & could use nothing else, what would it be and why?

Hydrate & Smooth Serum definitely! Hyaluronic Acid is amazing! I have used other products with this ingredient but this is the first time a product actually worked.

If you could give one piece of advice what would it be?

My mom told me for years & years as I grew up to take care of my neck. Unfortunately, I didn’t listen to her. So, TAKE CARE OF YOUR NECK! Don’t wait until the creases have formed to do that.


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