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Does Your Skin Feel Like A Creepy Halloween Mask?

Don't worry, we're here to save you!

This masque is an exfoliator, brightener, hydrator, and completion perfecter all-in-one. Unlike traditional masks, that tend to dry out the skin and harden up so they’re tricky to rinse off, this nourishing masque goes on like a luxurious cream and works like a serious multi-tasker. With glycolic acid, pumpkin and papaya fruit enzymes, honey, hydrating oils and more, it helps lighten the look of age spots and under-eye circles, shrink the look of large pores, feed skin with essential antioxidants and nutrients, reduce redness, and reveal fresh, radiant glowing skin—no scrubbing required!

Benefits of our unique formula:

   ● Feels like a luxurious cream you apply to the face, doesn’t harden, and easily rinses off with water.
   ● Reveals fresh, glowing skin with Active Fruit Enzymes and Glycolic Acid.
   ● Helps lighten the look of age spots, for bright, even-toned skin with Chamomile.
   ● Helps shrink the look of large pores and blackheads with Orange Peel Extract.
   ● Keeps skin looking plump and smooth with deeply hydrating, non-greasy oils.
   ● Super gentle formula, great for sensitive skin, oily skin and every day use on dry skin.
   ● Dermatologist Tested. No Additives, No Preservatives, No Fillers, No Added Fragrance.


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