If You’re Not Buying Your Skincare Online... You’re Wasting Your Money

June 17 2020 at 9:17 am EDT | Sponsored by goPure Beauty

Marketing Executive Reveals “Big Brand” Secrets that are Costing You Thousands of Dollars Each Year

“For privacy reasons, I can’t give you my name, but I can tell you I’ve worked in the beauty industry as a Marketing Executive for companies who make Millions and Millions of dollars a year...

As a Marketing Executive in the beauty industry, I've seen all the tricks big companies are up to.

And I’m going to expose their entire operation.

This problem has gotten out of control, and I feel it is my duty to let people know.

If you were to guess, how much do you think an average $50-$60 jar of brand name moisturizer costs to make?

Maybe $20… or would you go as low as $10?

Would you be SHOCKED to find out it's less than $5?!

So how does a $5 cream end up costing TEN times that at the beauty counter?

I'm glad you asked! After years in the skin care industry, I’ve uncovered the whole truth.

It’s worth noting that big skin care companies are FURIOUS that this secret is being exposed.

After reading this, you’ll understand why...

There’s 3 reasons why that $5 cream ends up costing you $50 or more.


1. Retail Stores

Retail stores are expensive. In order to be profitable skin care companies need to cover the overheads of rent, staff, extra inventory and much more.

But, a company can’t sell a product for $50 in store and $25 online, so they increase the price of the product across the board.

That means, if you buy skin care products from a company with retail locations, you’re paying TOO MUCH.


2. Celebrity Endorsements

Big beauty brands love paying gorgeous, young celebrities to be the face of their products....

And it’s all fun and games, until the cost of those celebrity endorsements come out of YOUR POCKET.

A famous supermodel (I’m not allowed to say her name for legal reasons) gets paid an average of $611,000 for a single instagram post.

So, just imagine how much these huge skin care companies are paying for Hollywood celebs like her to become the face of her brand!

That astronomical cost comes straight out of your pocket and right into a famous celebrity’s bank account.


3. Branding

What makes something a “brand name”?

If you think about it, what makes something a brand name is just having people everywhere recognize it.

But that costs, quite literally, MILLIONS of dollars.

A 30 second spot in the 2020 Super Bowl cost a staggering $5.6 million.

Billboards in the popular SoHo District of Manhattan can cost $18,000 to $30,000 for a two week display.

And guess who’s footing the bill?

That’s right!


You are left to pay.

Now, when I tell you big skin care companies are FURIOUS I’m telling you this secret…

You can see why!

Once I understood what greedy brand name companies were up to, I knew I couldn’t work for them anymore.

It wasn’t fair to women to have to pay up to TEN TIMES what they should, just to feel beautiful.


I couldn’t be part of it anymore.

So I started researching… looking desperately for something better.

That’s when I found goPure Beauty.

As it turns out, a few years ago a very smart woman and her husband (who had both been in the skin care industry for years) had also figure out what huge, greedy companies were up to.

They started a “Direct to Consumer” skin care company that cut out needless expenses…

Like Retail Stores, Celebrity Endorsements, and massive Branding Campaigns.

Instead they started putting those HUGE savings into research, formulas, and quality ingredients.

Most importantly, they SLASHED prices.

I was in disbelief when I saw it for myself...

They turn out more and more effective, quality products than I’d EVER seen before at extremely affordable prices.

That’s when I knew, this was the company I was searching for. This is the kind of company I wanted to work for, buy from, and share with other women.

They named it...

goPure Beauty

I can tell you first hand, it is a genuine, honest company with some of the highest quality products I’ve EVER used.

Based on their quality, the prices are unlike anything I’ve seen in the industry for YEARS.

The best part is, they offer a 100% money back guarantee for 60 days.

If you haven’t broken up with “big brand” skincare yet, it’s imperative that you do so now…

Before these huge companies gobble up another dollar of your hard-earned money!


This is my challenge to you:

Try goPure Products.

Mark my words, these products will exceed your expectations.

Just like they did for me.

IF I’M WRONG, you get a 100% full refund.

If you care about saving money, and want quality skincare…

Take this challenge.

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