Your Brightening Boost: 30% Vitamin C Dry Oil

At goPure, vitamin C isn’t just a trendy ingredient. It’s one of our all-time favorites because of its incredible transformative abilities.

But, did you know there are different forms of this glow-enhancing vitamin? AND that they can have different impacts on different skin types, too?

Today, we’re spotlighting our innovative 30% Vitamin C Dry Oil. Powered by THD ascorbate, a unique lipid-soluble form of vitamin C, it penetrates deeper than water-soluble ascorbic acid.

That means, even more glow factor! Here’s why we know you’ll love it.

Real Results You Can See

It’s been proven to:

• Visibly fade the look of dark spots, age spots, and hyperpigmentation

• Smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

• Support the skin in the fight against UV damage and free radicals

• Help keep the skin barrier healthy looking and feeling protected

So, why should you add this oil to your routine if you’re already using vitamin C products? Our first-ever dry touch oil formula is specially designed to play well with evening ingredients — yes, even retinol. You can skip worrying about how to mix and match and start maximizing your results, effortlessly. Plus, it’s the perfect retinol alternative for beauties with sensitive skin or those who just can’t tolerate retinol products. Simply put, it’s unlike any vitamin C product in our lineup.

Healthy Ingredients, Happy Skin

While this all-star oil is powered by 30% THD ascorbate, the formula is balanced by an exceptional lineup of supporting ingredients. This harmonious blend works to level up your glow, while also supporting the skin in other important ways thanks to these ingredients:

Squalane: Hydrated-looking skin is healthy-looking skin. Squalane is a plant-derived antioxidant and ultra moisturizing emollient. It penetrates deep to help support the skin barrier, aid in the fight against free radical damage, and more.

BRIGHT Oléoactif®: There’s power in plants. This blend is an oil-based active ingredient made from a trio of plants including marshmallow root, rice bran, and licorice root. It works to enhance the look of luminosity and reduce the look of hyperpigmentation.

What's Dry Oil?

Isn’t oil, well, oily? Not necessarily. This featherlight oil doesn’t feel like a traditional pressed seed oil. It’s luxurious while absorbing fast without any greasy feel. Use more for a traditional oil experience or less for that lightweight feel we love.

How to Glow Around the Clock

This versatile oil is ideal for a targeted evening treatment 2-3x/week, but can be used day or night. It’s suitable for all skin types, but as always, we recommend a patch test prior to adding it into your routine regularly.

1. Start your glow up by cleansing and toning your face, neck, and décolleté as normal.

2. Continue with your choice of serums, boosters, and spot treatments.

3. Apply eye cream, moisturizer, and neck cream. (Oil can be applied over OR under your moisturizer for ultimate versatility. Just be sure to let it fully absorb before laying anything on top).

4. Wrap up your routine by applying 2-4 drops of Vitamin C Dry Oil to your face, neck, and décolleté.

If you’re feeling extra dry, additional oils may be applied on top of this for even deeper moisturization if you’d like. Keep in mind, this oil is really versatile and customizable based on your skin type.

The Early Glowing Reviews Are In!

“Sunshine in a bottle!”
This Vitamin C Dry Oil is an absolute must-have! It has dramatically improved the texture and tone of my skin in just a few weeks. It's super lightweight, so it doesn't clog my pores or cause breakouts, and it absorbs quickly and easily.” - Kendra

“Brighter and more even skin tone.”
…this is my new beauty secret. I will be telling my sisters and girlfriends to get some - excellent product and the price is fabulous… - Gigi

“I am in love!”
It gives me a healthy glow while softening my skin and brightening it!! - Shannon

The easy pump button makes application so easy and my skin feels so soft and I see the changes in my sun spots and hydration.  - Dana

This Vitamic C Dry Oil is worth all of the hype! It makes the perfect addition to my everyday skincare routine! It leaves my skin feeling and looking so hydrated with such a beautiful glow! ✨️ With it being a dry oil, it doesn't leave your skin looking or feeling oily like alot of oils do!” - Janelle

Ready to reveal your ultimate glow-tential?

Did you get a chance to watch the live launch party? If not, watch the live replay where Esthetician Stephanie introduced our incredible new Vitamin C Dry Oil. Plus, learn all about how a few new superstar ingredients to the goPure lineup can level up your results as you sleep. 

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