Real Women, Real Stories with Stephanie Klasse

We're sharing some of our favorite stories from real women and the amazing results they have experienced with goPure! Read on to find out about tips and tricks that will help you on your personal skin care journey and which products to use to get your best results.

Today's story comes from Stephanie Klasse, our in-house esthetician, who is also a makeup artist, beauty editor and blogger. Here is what she shared about her skin care journey: 

Tell us a little bit about yourself
I am a mom of three teen boys with whom I have a very close & fun relationship (I call them my satellite hearts). I also have two pets, a pug & a basset hound! I live in Colorado & love sports & even used to coach baseball.

I come from a huge family & family is very important to me. I love to cook & feeding other people is my love language. I don’t really know what I’m doing when I cook, but it always seems to work out.

I love to learn & I am insatiably curious. I love to laugh & be silly.  

I am a licensed clinical esthetician with 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. I want people to feel seen, accepted, & heard so they can really feel empowered in their authenticity & feel  fully confident each day. You have to love who you are, where you are, as you are. You can’t hate anything into a version you’ll eventually love.

What is your experience with skin care?
I have worked in so many areas of beauty from working with individual clients to help them find their perfect skin care routine, being a skin & skin care educator, working as a writer & beauty editor, content creator, as well as, a brand ambassador.

What's has been your challenge with previous skin care products?
One of the biggest issues I’ve seen over the years is that there is not solid information & education to go along with products. We can get very strong products with potent ingredients now & it’s vital to know how to use them to have a good experience & get the results we want.

What's your current skin challenges/goals?
I’m a working mom that’s about to turn 40 so I deal with the challenges of real life, limited time, & aging skin. I still battle breakouts too. My skin goals are to have a routine that is fast & simple & that really works so I can have genuinely healthy skin that will age gracefully.

When did you start using goPure and why?
I started using gopure in April of 2021 when the company reached out to me to try the products & do an educational live.

What's your favorite goPure product and why?
The enzyme masque sold me on goPure right away. It’s effective & gentle & leaves the skin feeling heavenly soft. I am also a huge fan of the eye gel - it’s a phenomenal product at an unbeatable price point. I love the spot corrector pen [it was} the first product I emptied! I’m also finding that the retinol cream is a huge winner, too. It is wonderful for EVERYONE!

When did you start seeing results/which product/what specific results?
Well, I saw results from the enzyme masque right away. I started seeing results from the spot corrector, too, & I love that it has safe ingredients. I take very good care of my skin so a transition to the retinol products & other actives worked well for me & my skin loves the products.

Why do you prefer goPure over the other skin care brands you've used in the past?
I have used so many skin care brands & price points in my life. It all comes down to ingredients for me & the value.

I love the values of [goPure Beauty] & what it stands for... They strive to deliver the absolute best products, with [pure ingredients], for the best possible price. How could you not love that?!

Describe a bad experience you had with a skin care brand and how it made you feel.
When I was a [new] esthetician I was so excited about this whole new world of skin care... Well, when you have a mindset that skin care is one sized fits all, it won’t work.

I found that some brands push a narrative that certain products & ingredients work for everyone, & that’s simply not true. I felt like something was wrong with me & it was really discouraging when I’d use products or follow protocols that made my skin worse.

I had to realize that skin care is subjective & we have a responsibility to listen to our skin & find out what really is best for us individually.

Do you have any tips or tricks to share with others about goPure products?
My best tip is to always be consistent & don’t be afraid to take pictures to track your results. Sometimes our skin is improving & we don’t realize how dramatic those changes are. Next, it’s best to start slow with certain actives, like retinol, instead of going too hard too fast.

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When will I start seeing results? Also will products come with leaflet about how to use the 3 products..
goPure Beauty replied:
Hello Carmen, thank you for the order that you placed. We do have a full 60-day money-back guarantee. We have a lot of customers who experience results quickly and some customers don’t experience results for about 6-8 weeks. That is why we have the FULL money-back guarantee. We would love to have you continue to use the products for the full-time frame to see if you experience better results. Please let us know if this will work for you.

Carmen McMahon

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