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We're sharing some of our favorite stories from real women and the amazing results they have experienced with goPure! Read on to find out about tips and tricks that will help you on your personal skin care journey and which products to use to get your best results.

Today's story comes from Rebecca, a beauty enthusiast. Here is what she shared about her skin care journey: 

What is your experience with skin care?

In my 20’s, I didn’t know much beyond soap and water. In my 30’s, I became interested in skin care and started a consistent skin care routine, including cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and adding anti-aging products as I matured. I also began using Retin A, a subscription only product, because of an ongoing struggle with acne. Even in my 70’s I still get occasional breakouts. This is one of the reasons a quality skin care routine is a priority for me. I have also used SPF sun protection for about 40 years. 

What has been your challenge with previous skin care products?

My first concern is: will this product cause a flareup in acne? Acne was a problem throughout the tough adolescent years and throughout most of my adult life. My heart goes out to other people with that struggle. The mask wearing of this pandemic has aggravated skin issues for me and maybe a lot of other people, too. The Vitamin C cleanser has kept my skin better able to withstand the unpleasant skin issues caused by mask wearing. My second concern is: will this product work for me? Some do but balancing the price with quality and results were important considerations for choosing goPure.

What are your current skin care goals?

Good skin care is more than what you put on your face. Good skin starts on the inside. I’m conscious of staying mentally and physically fit, eating healthy most of the time, always wearing SPF protection, drinking plenty of water, and managing stress. My goals are to continue using goPure and to take care of what I can control.

When and why did you start using goPure?

I was first approached by goPure in 2018, with an invitation to try the trio of serums, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and Retinol. I’ve been thankful ever since. After using the serums for a couple of weeks, I was impressed with the results and the way my skin felt. I ordered the 10-piece Skin Care System from an online source. I began adding the goPure products in the set one at a time to see how my skin responded. Now, I use the entire product line regularly.

What’s your favorite goPure product and why?

That’s almost impossible to answer, so I have to cheat a little. I have to choose the 3 serums as one product because I’ve never not used all 3. I started with the original trio and I now use the Actives. 

I’m loving the Anti-Wrinkle sheet mask. I used to go to the spa for Glycolic Acid treatments. Now, I get them at home with goPure. I also love the Youth Glow Eye Gel. I use it under my eyes and to the hair line, on my lids, and above my eyebrows to the hair line. I can feel it working and I can see the eye area improving. I’ve even applied it to my neck. One benefit of goPure’s gel formula is my mascara doesn’t end up under my eyes like it did with an eye cream.

When did you start seeing results/which product/what specific results?

I noticed first how my skin felt: more hydrated and moisturized for longer. My skin also had a more fresh, radiant look I hadn’t noticed before. Since I started with 3 products, not 1, I’ll credit the Hyaluronic Acid product for that. I had used a vitamin c serum and retinol products before but not a hyaluronic acid serum. The other product that’s made a quick difference, especially with air travel, is the Restorative Enzyme Mask. Travel in general is drying on skin. I use this product regularly. It’s an immediate hit for me. The Microdermabrasion Cream also provides instant results by removing build up. I love how my skin feels and looks after using it—polished and radiant. With regular use, it also helps with the absorption of serums and moisturizers.

Why do you prefer goPure over the other skin care brands you've used in the past?

First, I see results. Next, the affordability of these products helps me stay with a single skincare line that addresses multiple issues, from facial complexion to body care. A skincare regimen with products from the same company are formulated to work and to work together.

How would you recommend goPure to Your friends?

I stress the importance of a complete skincare regimen used over time, and I tell them about my experience with goPure. Women often ask what products I use. Today, I talked at length with a friend who called to ask about goPure, a long-distance friend I have not seen in 15 years.  I have many friends and family members who use goPure because of me. A few of them are not female. Also, I sometimes give goPure as gifts. 

How do you feel when you look in the mirror after using goPure?

My skin looks refreshed and clear. Sometimes, I think of those years when I was focused on covering up my skin. Now I have confidence to show it. Part of the improvement is due to age and hormonal changes, but a big part is thanks to goPure. It was a relief when I discovered goPure.

Do you have any tips or tricks to share with others about goPure products?

The secret to skin care is commitment to a complete regimen and a consistent routine. My morning and evening regimens are automatic responses. I just do it, regardless. I tend to pat and press the products into my skin rather than rubbing too much. 



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