Real women, real stories with Cheryl Rusconi

We're sharing some of our favorite stories from real women and the amazing results they have experienced with goPure! Read on to find out about tips and tricks that will help you on your personal skin care journey and which products to use to get your best results.

Today's story comes from Cheryl, a passionate beauty enthusiast. Here is what she shared about her skincare journey:

What is your experience with skin care?

I have been using prescription strength retin-A for over 10 years (daily). I am extremely pleased with results, however, it has caused dryness and red skin.

What has been your challenge with previous skin care products?

Finding pure ingredients that are affordable.

When did you start using goPure and why?

I started 18 months ago. I began honestly because of the name PURE and the affordability. My friend was trying to talk me into BeautyCounter but it is very pricey.

When did you start seeing results and from which products?

I started with the original serums and Vitamin C moisturizer. Those are the products that got me hooked! The Vitamin C moisturizer is light and doesn’t make my oily skin even more oily. The dryness and flakes from years of retin-A were healed almost immediately!

Why do you prefer goPure over the other skin care brands you've used in the past?

Pure ingredients, amazing customer service and a genuine team. These are high quality products that are affordable for everyone.

What's your favorite goPure product and why?

The enzyme masque. It gives my skin an extra surge of moisture!! It isn’t heavy/sticky and seems to melt into my skin.

How do you feel when you look in the mirror after using goPure?

I love the way my skin feels and looks! Love the mirror! 💜

If you had to pick one skincare item and could use nothing else, what would it be and why?

Retinol - because it works!

Do you have any tips or tricks to share with others about goPure products?

Consistency is key, don’t skip any steps!! Honestly order it all and use a little bit.

Let's get personal and get to know Cheryl a little bit better!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am an extremely passionate extrovert. I love people! I am physically active and very into my physical, mental and spiritual health.

How do you want people to feel after they meet you?

I want people to feel JOY when they meet me. My desire is to be contagious! I am a happy, positive person and we need more joy in the world. I want people to catch what I have!

If you could give one piece of advice what would it be?

To be unapologetically you!! I am flawsome- flawed but incredibly awesome!! 💜

You can continue to follow Cheryl's journey on her Instagram page here or her Facebook page here.

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I will leave my comment in Spanish so more people can benefit from this awesome product. Hola, yo recomiendo gopure porque deja la piel de mi cuello muy suave, note que tambien se fue poniendo mas firme y hasta las pecas han ido desapareciendo. Solo tenemos que ser constantes y empezaran a ver resultados en menos de una semana. En verdad lo recomiendo!


At 72 the only deep wrinkles/lines I have are smile lines and very noticeable lines on my chin. I started taking care of my skin in my 20’s so I don’t have deep lines that I’ve seen on 40 year old women. I haven’t received my order yet, but, am anxiously awaiting them.
goPure Beauty replied:
Hi Lillian, thank you so much for your feedback! Upon checking, the shipper has left your package in your parcel box or mailbox. If you need further assistance, please send an email to We appreciate you and your business! 💚

Lillian J Norton

Thanks for the encouragement!!!I just started using these Gopure products ,I’m excited to see my results,your story is a true inspiration,thanks so much for sharing and uour right there does need to be more joy in the world !I agree 100%


Wow! You teally inspire me. I’m new to GoPure and can’t wait to see the results. I ordered the wrinkle cream serum and want,to order the GoPure wrinkle skin cream.

Deborah wolff

Your an inspiration to me. I just received my Gopure products and I am looking forward to trying them. I am starting them this morning. I hope I live the benefits from these products. I have tried many and was not satisfied in the past.


Donna Williamson

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