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New & Improved Spot Corrector

April 20, 2022 | BY Rachel Levine

Have you heard? Our best-selling Actives Intensive Spot Corrector just got a make over! Our customers told us they loved the formula, but were having trouble with the design of the pen. We listened to the feedback and made improvements to create a better experience! 

Improved Design

While our customers were seeing amazing results from the Intensive Spot Corrector, they were getting frustrated with the packaging. Some feedback we heard was the product was running out too quickly, too much product was being dispensed, and application with the pen was difficult. Our team is always looking for ways to improve our products, so all three of these concerns were addressed with the new design! 

Key Product Improvements:
  • 3x more product for the same great price!
  • Curved tip for precision application to target small and large areas
  • Pump top for less product waste when dispensing the formula
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    goPure Actives Dark Spot Corrector Pen Design

    Spot Corrector Benefits

    While the design has been updated, we kept the same vitamin-packed formula you’ve come to know and love. Formulated with 3 clinically tested active ingredients, SymWhite, Mitostime and Synovea, this innovative corrector works to target specific spots, improving their appearance after just 28 days for a "years younger" look. 
    Vitamin C & Vitamin E:  Restores brightness and balance to the skin.
    SymWhite: Works to promote an even-toned, radiant-looking complexion.
    Mitostime: An extract of Kombu, an edible sea kelp, it has been shown to reduce the look of wrinkles and visibly rejuvenate the appearance of skin for a “fountain of youth” effect.
    Synovea: Stimulates collagen and promotes a brighter, more even appearance. The look of pigmented spots showed about a 60% improvement in skin tone following 8 weeks of treatment.
    Actives Spot Corrector New Pen Application

    How to Use Spot Corrector

    Step 1: Cleanse & tone your face then apply serums. Allow serums 30-60 seconds to absorb into the skin. 
    Step 2 Slightly push down on the top of the pen to dispense the formula.
    Step 3 Apply with the applicator or your fingers, over the spots you'd like to treat. Roll a small amount onto trouble areas & massage in small circular motions. 

    Step 4: Allow the cream to absorb into your skin for ~30 seconds before applying your moisturizer.
        Esthetician Tip: For best results, use twice daily, morning & night. Always remember to use SPF during the day to help prevent sun damage.

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