Looking Back At 2023

This year was filled with so many exciting opportunities for growth at goPure. And thanks to the support of our community, we were able to come that much closer to reaching our ultimate goal – helping as many people as possible feel beautiful in their own skin! Check out some of the goPure initiatives that went on in 2023:

Bright, Shiny, & New

This year we added some incredible formulas to our collection – Vitamin C Booster, 30% Vitamin C Dry Oil, Tinted Mineral Sunscreen, and our Brilliant Barrier Water Cream. Some of these formulas had been on our list to formulate for quite some time, and many have already become fan favorites. Finally being able to share them with you and fill out our lineup of products was so satisfying for our entire team.

Time For A Glow Up

This year we got an entirely new look! Other than boosting our beauty, we also wanted to focus on sustainability and transparency. We developed an entirely new color palette, with each color relating to the main formula benefit. We also switched to smartly designed glass serum bottles with more durability and recyclability. Lastly, we upped our transparency by sharing Active Ingredient percentages, pH levels, and more tips on how to use our formulas.

Internet Famous Formulas

Mom, we made it! A couple of months ago our incredible Tighten & Lift Neck Cream went viral on TikTok and blew up across the internet for its smoothing & tightening powers. Just one video received over 6 million views! Now we’re one of the top sellers on TikTok shop thanks to our incredible formulas.

Better Together

We couldn’t do everything we do without such a hard-working, devoted team. And in June we had the joy of coming together for an all-company event. Our entire team works remotely, so we flew in team members from all over the country, and even the world to gather together. It was such a fun opportunity to work on projects in person and do some team-building!

A Bright And Glowing Future

2024 is going to bring some super exciting things! Although we can’t divulge much, there are so many initiatives to look forward to. New product launches, more team events, and hopefully some more viral moments are just a taste of what’s to come.
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I’m so happy I found go pure your products are absolutely amazing 👏 I love them and all of you
goPure Beauty replied:
We are always grateful to have you in our goPure family, Susan! 💙

Susan oconnor

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