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How To Use Rosehip Oil On Your Face

February 19, 2021 | BY R. Motzell

Rosehip oil is a natural skincare ingredient that can play a key role in your daily beauty routine. 

Packed with antioxidants like vitamin C, rosehip oil is a naturally fragrant facial oil that is easy to use. The oil can provide multiple benefits for your skin, and using it helps you keep your skincare regimen clean and simple.

This natural oil has been used for centuries by numerous cultures for various beauty-related purposes. In addition to vitamin C, the oil is also rich in other antioxidants like vitamins A and E. Its high fatty acid content makes it a beauty-boosting, moisturizing powerhouse ingredient that can serve multiple purposes for your hair, skin, and nails.

So, what can you use rosehip oil for, and how do you use it? Keep reading to find out!

Rosehip Oil Can Be Used To Moisturize Your Skin

One of the most important aspects of your beauty routine is providing your skin with daily moisture and hydration. 

Without enough moisture, your skin can quickly get raw and irritated. Dry skin also often starts producing an excess of sebum, or oil, in an effort to lubricate itself. 

However, when your skin produces excess oil and gets irritated, your pores can quickly get clogged, leading to breakouts and a host of other issues.

To provide your skin with the moisture it needs each day, rosehip oil is a perfect natural source of nourishment and hydration. The soothing, brightening power of vitamin C, which is found in abundance in rosehip oil, makes the oil an incredibly gentle moisturizer for your skin. Even if you have very sensitive skin, this facial oil is one that you can confidently use.

Rosehip Oil is Non-Comedogenic

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, the idea of putting oil on your face might seem counterintuitive. Fortunately, rosehip oil is non-comedogenic – that means this facial oil won’t clog your pores! 

For anyone with oily or acne-prone skin, non-comedogenic facial oils like rosehip oil are perfect sources of moisture and nutrients.

You can use rosehip oil as a blemish-clearer by spreading a few drops of the oil on affected areas in the morning and evening. The fatty acids (omega 3s and omega 6s) in rosehip oil provide moisture to acne-prone skin without clogging your pores. All you need is a few drops of rosehip oil per use to reap the benefits for your skin and minimize the appearance of breakouts.

If you are frequently getting breakouts, it may mean that your skin is too dry and is constantly irritated. Since irritation and dryness can lead to breakouts, providing your skin with moisture and soothing it with rosehip oil can keep pimples from showing up. 

Rosehip Oil Has A Unique Herbaceous Scent

Many beauty products are made with added dyes and fragrances that can irritate your skin. Even if you do not have particularly sensitive skin, it is always a good idea to avoid skincare products that are artificially scented or colored. 

Fortunately, rosehip oil naturally smells amazing, and goPure’s 100% pure rosehip oil is made without any artificial ingredients!

Rosehip oil may sound like it would smell like its namesake flowers, but its scent is a bit different. The smell of rosehip oil is more earthy and herbal than the scent of roses. This is because the oil is extracted from the fruit and seeds of rose bushes, rather than being pressed from the petals. 

Rose oil, not to be confused with rosehip oil, has a much more floral scent since it is derived from rose petals rather than the seeds and fruit of the rose bush.

Rosehip Oil Can Be Used To Reduce the Appearance of Dark Spots

If you are dealing with hyperpigmentation, also known as dark spots, rosehip oil can be an effective natural remedy. 

Dark spots can be caused by sun damage, acne scarring, and other factors, and they can have a dulling effect on your complexion, making your skin look uneven and aged.

The vitamin C content in rosehip oil can have a natural brightening effect on your skin. When sun damage, breakouts, stress, lack of sleep, or other factors have led to dark spots and caused your skin to look dull and uneven, rosehip oil can be a powerful brightener for your complexion!  

Rosehip Oil Can Also Be Used in Your Hair And Scalp

Because it is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, and other essential nutrients, rosehip oil makes an excellent treatment for your hair and scalp. A dry, irritated scalp can sabotage your hair, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and making your hair more prone to breakage and frizziness. 

Massaging a few drops of rosehip oil into your hair and scalp gives your head a much-needed boost of nourishment and soothing moisture.

It’s An All-Natural Makeup Remover, Too!

Instead of using expensive makeup-removing wipes that might contain irritating artificial ingredients, you can use rosehip oil to naturally take your makeup off at the end of the day. 

Rubbing a few drops of rosehip oil into your skin not only helps to remove makeup, it can also minimize the appearance of wrinkles and lines when left on your face thanks to its nourishing nutrients.

Rosehip oil is gentle and soothing enough to use on your entire face, including the sensitive skin under your eyes. Caring for this delicate part of your face takes special attention, and some ingredients are too potent to be used on such sensitive skin. Rosehip oil, on the other hand, is gentle enough for the skin around your eyes, and it can smooth out this delicate area and leave you with less visible wrinkles and lines around your eyes.

You Can Also Use Rosehip Oil To Soften Your Cuticles

Cracked, brittle, and dry cuticles can make your fingernails look unkempt. They’re also uncomfortable and irritating! 

To keep your cuticles soft, rosehip oil is a perfect natural remedy. A tiny amount of rosehip oil on each of your cuticles provides nourishment and moisture that will make your nails look rejuvenated and refreshed.

Rosehip Oil is Also a Perfect Carrier Oil To Pair With Essential Oils 

Essential oils make the perfect natural fragrances to apply to your skin in small amounts. The crisp, refreshing scents of essential oils are amazing, but sometimes the oils can irritate your skin when applied incorrectly. 

To make essential oils as gentle and non-irritating on your skin as possible, they can be paired with a carrier oil like rosehip oil before applying!

Rosehip oil can also be added to other products like body lotion, moisturizer, and more to increase the effectiveness of these products. Rosehip oil is easy to mix in with other products, and adding the oil to a lotion of cream can make it easier to spread.

How Do I Apply Rosehip Oil To My Face?

Rosehip oil is a lightweight skin treatment. This means it should be used early on in your beauty routine, before heavier products like moisturizer or lotion. You can use rosehip oil on your face multiple times a day – the oil is gentle and soothing, and multiple uses won’t irritate your skin! 

Before applying rosehip oil, it’s always smart to first cleanse your skin. A refreshing cleanser will prepare your skin to receive the beneficial nutrients in rosehip oil, as well as the ingredients in the rest of the products you’ll be using in your beauty routine. goPure’s refreshing vitamin C cleanser makes the perfect start to your morning and evening beauty routines.

Toner is an ideal second product to use after cleansing your skin. Toner can be used in the morning and evening to get rid of residue left behind by your cleanser and minimize the appearance of your pores. After you use toner, you can move on to other lightweight products like serums and facial oils, including rosehip oil.

As is the case with a serum, a facial oil like rosehip oil only needs to be used in small amounts to reap its benefits. Rosehip oil is highly concentrated – it contains high amounts of nutrients, and only a few drops are necessary to give your skin a boost of moisture and nourishment. 

Rosehip oil can be applied in small amounts to your body and face. If you find that it makes it easier to spread the oil, you can combine it with your favorite lotion or cream. Pairing rosehip oil with body lotion or your go-to facial moisturizer feels amazing on your skin, and can make the oil easier to apply. 

If you are using rosehip oil in the morning, it’s always smart to finish up your beauty routine with sunscreen. The brightening effects of rosehip oil can be counteracted by sun damage, and protecting your skin from UV rays will make rosehip oil even more effective! 

Overall, rosehip oil is an incredibly beneficial ingredient to use on your body, face, hair, and nails. Including it in your daily beauty routine is a no-brainer!


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