How a skin care clinic owner discovered goPure

"goPure has really changed the texture and tone of my skin. I noticeably saw a difference just after weeks using their products!" - Tenley Starr Fabian

Tenley's Background

Tenley began her career much earlier than most, in that she was raised by a family deeply embedded in the medical profession. Her father is a doctor, and a world renowned surgeon, known for specialties in plastics, cleft lip and pallet repair, and hand injuries. She grew up around medicine and knew early on that she wanted to make it a career.

She attended the University of South Carolina for her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, quickly made a name for herself by becoming one of the youngest Tier 2 Trauma Emergency Room nurses in Southern California - a spot that typically takes years to prove your mettle. After proving her value and then some, and also having had the opportunity to work alongside her father after all those years of training, she decided to venture off into the world she came to love as a child - Aesthetic Medicine.

Tenley has been injecting for more than 5 years and has quickly risen to the top of the pack, recognized for her incredible attention to detail, and her dedication to natural and responsible aesthetic medicine. She founded Starr | Medspa in early 2020 with the dream of owning and operating a world-class Medispa so she could treat, educate, and stimulate her hometown of Westlake Village, CA.

Tenley and goPure

Tenley's father found goPure and introduced it to Tenley and she loved it right away! She loves goPure because it's clean and has effective products that target the most common skincare issues like hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and dry skin.

Tenley has also been recommending goPure products to her clients of all ages. She believes that good skincare is an essential foundation that you can always build upon with other treatments. She loves that goPure products work really well together and give you great results.

Her favorite goPure product is the Actives Firm & Lift Serum because it's effective and has a formulation that's unbeatable. 

You'll see Tenley in our Facebook VIP group, answering questions and offering her professional knowledge for your goPure questions and common skincare concerns. Join today to be part of the conversation!

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