Halloween Makeup Prep and Removal (Routines Included)

Keep your skin from looking spooky with these pro-approved ways to prep for Halloween makeup — plus tricks to easily remove it without causing any ghoulish irritation.

Halloween makeup can be so much fun! Although, our skin may not have quite as much fun when it’s exposed to new, heavier products. Putting on your best Halloween look doesn’t have to be scary for your skin! Proper skin prep not only helps your makeup look and wear better, but it can also help keep your skin protected.


Tip #1: Avoid Cheap Makeup Kits

Some of the makeup kits sold in Halloween stores can be packed with harsh and harmful ingredients. Others may not have the proper color ingredients and can stain the skin. Showing up to work the next day with Halloween makeup stained on your skin might not be the look you’re going for.

Stick to reputable makeup brands that specialize in character makeup. I recommend brands like Mehron, Kryolan, and Graftobian to start if you are doing a really intense makeup look.

Tip #2: Patch Test New Products

Always patch test new products to make sure you don’t react to any new formulas or colors. Dyes and color ingredients in makeup can cause unexpected reactions, so patch testing is important.

Tip #3: Read The Instructions

Read the instructions on your makeup products. It seems simple, but some of these specialized products have recommendations (and even ways to activate them). A lot of the brands also have great video tutorials online you can check out.


Now, for your skin prep!

Step 1: Exfoliate the Night Before
Exfoliate the night before your big application so your makeup sits smoothly on the skin. I like to avoid exfoliating right before a bigger makeup look where there is more makeup on the skin than usual. You don’t want any irritation, so exfoliating the night before gives your skin time to adjust.

Step 2: Cleanse & Tone
Start with cleansed and well-toned skin. This will help remove excess oil and debris for a clean canvas. Shop our Cleanser & Toner here!

Step 3: Apply Hydrating Serums
Apply a hydrating serum like the Dramatically Dewy or the Hydrate and Smooth Serum. Spritz the skin with water before if you want to give an extra hydrating boost to the skin.

Pro Tip for Sensitive Skin: If you feel like your skin is easily irritated or gets red, you can also add a little 10% Niacinamide Booster to the skin. We are going to avoid any more active ingredients under this makeup, so we are going to skip other serums.

Step 4: Apply Eye Care
Apply your Eye Cream for hydrated-looking under eyes and a great makeup base.

Step 5: Moisturize
Next, apply a pump of your favorite goPure Moisturizer and let it fully absorb for at least 5 minutes before moving on to your makeup. Properly moisturized skin is important for your makeup to apply evenly and wear longer.

Pro Tip for Oily Skin: If you have especially oily areas, blot excess oil off the skin right before your makeup application for better application.

Now you’re ready to get into character!

But once the frightfully fun festivities have ended — it’s time to make that makeup vanish like a ghost. To easily remove extra heavy or stubborn makeup, I have a trick for a double pre-cleanse!


Let’s get into the removal routine!

Step 1: Pre-Cleanse with Facial Oil
Generously apply your Rosehip Oil all over the face and massage it into the makeup. Don’t get the face wet yet! Let the oil easily break down the makeup. Then splash the face with some water and continue to massage. 

Step 2: Wipe Away Your Makeup
Next, take your Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes to gently remove your makeup and the oil.

Step 3: Cleanse & Tone
Cleanse and tone your skin to completely remove any extra impurities and residue.



Step 4: Finish Up With Serums, Moisturizers, & Creams
Follow with your preferred skincare products including serums, moisturizers, creams, and SPF (if using during the day). 

Following your heavier makeup application, your skin may crave a little extra TLC, so be sure to listen to what it’s telling you. I love a good nourishing sheet mask or soothing facial oil after a big makeup event!

What Halloween makeup look are you trying this year? Leave a comment with your costume below!
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Thank you for putting this out to us! Just when I think I have it all down, GoPure gives us more updates on how to take care of our skin. Keep up the excellent work!!

Diane Orth

I love goPure products since I started using my facial skin is so soft.

Carol Davidson

I love goPure products since I started using my facial skin is so soft.

Carol Davidson

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