National Clean Beauty Day: Q&A with the goPure Team

More than 90 million searches…

That’s the number of times from just 2017-18 that consumers searched for specific natural beauty ingredients. In the last 10 years alone, overall searches for “clean beauty” are up a staggering 270%.

Beauties, it’s clear that the clean beauty movement is here to stay — and we are thrilled!

At goPure, we’re on a mission to clean up skincare routines with non-toxic ingredients proven to perform. Join us in celebrating National Clean Beauty Day with an exclusive Q&A featuring our very own CEO, Alex Keyan, as well as our Director of Supply Chain and Product Development, Amy Privette. We’ll hear all about their unique insights, discover how you can clean up your routine, and learn how goPure is a leader in the clean (and effective) skincare movement. 

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What does “clean beauty” mean to goPure?

"The phrase ‘clean beauty’ is such a widely used term, and there’s not one standard for what it truly means. Each brand has to define its own parameters and what it means to them. For us, it means never using well-known ‘dirty’ ingredients and working diligently to ensure that the formulas we’re creating for our customers are safe and effective,” says Amy.

At goPure, you won’t find any fillers, fake stuff, or toxic chemicals in our formulas. We’re powered by natural botanicals and vitamins, potent yet safe active ingredients, and natural ingredients that are all backed by science. Read about ingredients we never use in our products here!

"From formulation to fulfillment, we never compromise on clean and effective skincare,” adds Alex. “Even our sourcing and packaging practices are rooted in being clean — it’s just a part of our DNA.”

What makes an ingredient harmful?

"There’s an element of the unknown,” says Alex. “An ingredient listed as ‘fragrance’ can actually have up to 100 other ingredients that it’s made of. Many of those won’t even be on a label, so it can be a mystery as to what you are putting on your skin. Our labels are completely transparent — we know what’s going into our products and so do our customers.”

"We also diligently research each and every ingredient to keep our formulas as clean and pure as possible. Health is our number one priority!,” adds Amy.
We are committed to each and every one of you to ensure what we make to put on your skin is free of toxic ingredients and irritants. Before launching any new product, we perform RIPT (Repeated-Insult Patch Test) a two-phase process that is designed to evaluate the sensitization potential of a product.

Can you talk about some of the ingredients that goPure avoids?

"Clean beauty is about making great products without toxic ingredients commonly found in skincare products — these are often referred to as ‘The Dirty 6’,” says Amy. 

The Dirty 6 include:
• Formaldehyde
• Parabens
Propylene Glycol

“We’re always expanding this list so that we can deliver the clean products that our customers deserve,” says Alex. “We research any new ingredients thoroughly using ingredient databases, manufacturer information, advice from our chemists and manufacturers, as well as independent ingredient review agencies. Based on what we learn, we decide if an ingredient is safe to use — and at what levels.”

Did you know that at goPure, we’re also 100% cruelty-free and never test on animals? Our commitment to clean beauty also comes with a clean conscience. If you’d like to learn more about our clean ingredients, check out our Ingredient Index here!

What do you wish people knew about “Clean Beauty?”

"There is no one standard for clean beauty. Each brand defines it differently. I recommend that everyone does their own research and makes sure that the brands they’re buying align with their own ingredient goals and values,” says Alex. “At goPure, we make that easy because we are so open and honest with our practices.” 

"I’d add that ‘clean beauty’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘natural.’ In fact, based on research, we know that being natural doesn’t always mean clean or equal results. But, we are constantly examining formulas to ensure their safety. We always put our customers' health, safety, and well-being above all else,” adds Amy.

What impact do we want our clean products to have on the lives of our customers?

"goPure’s brand mission is to empower women to look and feel their best. We do this by producing amazing products that make women’s skin look amazing at any age — and give them the confidence to feel great in their own skin! Avoiding toxic ingredients, tapping into the power of clinically proven actives, and making our prices accessible is how we accomplish this mission and impact our customers’ lives for the better,” says Alex.

Thank you for joining us on this clean skincare journey! On National Clean Beauty Day and every day, we’re dedicated to developing clean products that are mindfully created, sustainably sourced, and proven to perform. Here’s to a clean routine that’s better for you and the planet! 
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I’ve been using gopher for sometime and really love all the products. I’ve added the niacinamide recently. On June 15th I had to have Mohs surgery on my face for a basal cell carsinoma. Both surgeon and nurses commented on my skin and how lovely it is. I’m 81 years old!!

Audrey Plummer

Interesting and good to know. So much stuff out there that is not good

Kay O’Carroll

I really like the Vitamin C cleanser and Hydrating Toner,

Patricia Anastas

Thank you for going the extra mile to make sure your products are safe for us to use.

Becca Hovland

I am so thankful for GoPure and Joe it has helped my skin. I will be 73 years old and I see a huge difference even at my age. Just goes to show you are never too old to help yourself. Thank you GoPure. You are very special!

Brenda Allen

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