Glow Pure Tinted Mineral Sunscreen

Protect and perfect the look of your skin with this glowy sunscreen formula. It features SPF 40 PA+++ broad spectrum UV protection, a universal tint that perfectly matches all skin tones, and a formula that instantly moisturizes and illuminates the look of skin.

  • Protects, perfects, and moisturizes
  • Safe mineral formula (NO irritating chemical filters)
  • Reef-Friendly
  • Wear as a makeup primer or glow-and-go for the day!


Why is this sunscreen different?

Get a Hint of Tint

Featuring extra protective iron oxides, it gives a universal tint that melts into the skin leaving a soft glow with a non-greasy, perfected finish. The tint actually helps it have no white cast AND makes it ideal for hyperpigmented and deeper skin tones.

Broad Basics

25% Zinc Oxide is a safe mineral UV filter that gives this sunscreen broad spectrum SPF 40 PA +++ coverage for UVA AND UVB rays. It features non-nano micronized zinc oxide which visibly soothes the skin, locks in moisture, applies easily, and leaves NO WHITE CAST.

Clean Screen

Dermatologist Approved and no chemical filters here! This MINERAL, reef-friendly formulation is easy to tolerate and SAFE for all skin types, even sensitive skin. It is also silicone-free, cruelty-free, and good face project approved!

Meet Your Match

Does this REALLY work on ALL skin tones? Yes! The universal tint offers a sheer-to-light, perfected glow-and-go finish. This moisturizing sunscreen is ideal by itself or paired with your makeup routine as a primer. 

Double Defense

This formula is packed with hydrating ingredients, like glycerin, and nourishing emollients that both moisturize and protect the skin leaving a glowy, perfected skin-enhancing radiance!

PRO CHAT: Is there really such a thing as a universal tint? How can ONE SHADE work for ALL SKIN TONES? Let’s chat Skincare Science with Amy & Steph.

Amy, Director of Product Development.

"This isn’t really a color-depositing tint. Tints in sunscreens help mineral formulations, especially those that use high amounts of zinc oxide, blend into the skin with NO WHITE CAST. The tint can help perfect the look of skin and this formula leaves your skin perfected, protected, and radiant. This way it really does work for ALL SKIN TONES."

Stephanie Klasse, LE, Head of Education and Content.

"The science of tints in sunscreens is SO COOL. Iron oxides, the same things that give your makeup color, actually have additional benefits in sunscreen. Think of them as the ultimate boosting sidekick to the UV protection of zinc oxide. We have new studies showing that sunscreen formulas containing iron oxides were more effective at preventing the look of sun-induced pigmentation, especially in darker skin types. Tinted sunscreens are actually the best options for those with hyperpigmented and deeper skin tones."

This one tint really is right for your unique skin tone and you’ll get the added benefits the tint offers. You can wear it for a glow-and-go look, or use it under your daily makeup. That really does make it the PERFECT SUNSCREEN! 

This clean, multitasking mineral sunscreen does everything under the sun.

  • Adds an instant glowy look with SPF 40 PA+++ protection 
  • Melts into any skin tone for a universal tint with no white cast
  • Powerful mineral formula protects against UV rays
  • Moisturizes the look of skin for a healthy-looking complexion 
  • Use bare-faced or with makeup as a protective primer
  • Refines the look of skin and visibly minimizes redness
  • Non-greasy and great for all skin types, even sensitive

Esthetician Tip: Your SPF will always be the last step in your morning skincare routine!


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