Esthetician-Approved Skincare Travel Tips

We all know that consistency is key when it comes to getting real, lasting skincare results. Whether you’ve got an upcoming vacay or work trip ahead, here are the best tips for bringing your skincare routine with you wherever you go!


Pre-Travel Considerations

Set yourself up for skincare success when you’re away from home by considering a few important elements prior to packing.

Simplify your routine: Prioritize the products you’ll bring along. While you may want to carry on your 10-step routine, that may not always be practical or possible. Choose your go-tos (cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF are essentials) and look for multitaskers (hello, niacinamide!) that work well both day and night.

Let the location be your guide: Where are you going? How much sun exposure will you be getting? What’s the climate like? All of these factors will play a role in the look of your skin and the products you’ll want to bring. Remember, retinol and sun exposure don’t mix.

How long will you be away?: Is this a fun weekend trip with the girls or a 2-week trek across another continent? This will help you determine how much product you’ll need and influence whether you need exfoliants, different products for day & night, etc.

Pro tip: You can never go wrong with Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and Niacinamide to support the look of skin hydration, protect against the appearance of dark spots, and aid in barrier support.


Travel’s Impact on Your Body

You know your skin and body best. Does travel tend to wreak havoc on your complexion? Do you lose sleep or become more prone to allergens? These are all factors to carefully consider.

Dehydrated skin: Airplanes can have only 20% humidity on them. Our skin can try and react to this lack of humidity by producing more oil. If you’re traveling by air, be sure to hydrate from the inside and the outside (aka drink plenty of water & moisturize)!

New environments, new allergens: Our skin barrier naturally tries to adjust to differences in climate. If your destination is dry and cold, opt for ultra-hydrating and nourishing products. If you’re going somewhere tropical, load up on Vitamin C, SPF, and yes, you’ll still need moisturizer!

Stress can equal skin problems: Did you know that stress causes a chemical response in your body that makes skin more sensitive and reactive? It can also make it harder for skin issues to heal. Understanding how travel stressors trigger your body will help you better prepare!

Sleep & your skin: The American Academy of Sleep Medicine reports that about 30 percent of adults in the U.S. regularly do not get enough sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep, stress begins to increase in your body as it struggles to regain hormonal balance. Chronic stress damages collagen in your skin, and may cause an increase in fine lines, uneven pigmentation, and more. Good sleep that promotes collagen production allows the skin to make its strongest recovery of the night. If sleep is a struggle (especially when traveling to new places), be sure to bring any accessories that may help you get the beauty rest you want — or products that can help you look more well-rested.

The Ultimate Esthetician-Approved Travel Skincare Routine

While you should customize your approach based on your own skin and the above factors, here’s a simple routine (along with some favorite product recommendations) that can give you glowy-looking skin on the go!

Micellar Makeup Wipes: These wipes are the perfect pre-cleansing step. In convenient pre-moistened towelettes, they’re ideal for travel. Use them to gently whisk away the look of dirt, makeup residue, and oil for a fresh feeling on the go, anywhere (like on the plane or train).

Vitamin C Cleanser: No matter where you go, your cleansing step is non-negotiable. This nourishing cleanser leaves your skin fresh and radiant-looking without stripping or drying your delicate skin.

Hydrating Toner: While a toner is an optional travel companion, it’s great for keeping the look of skin fresh and balanced. This hydrating formula is especially great for those dry, cold climates.

Exfoliator: A gentle exfoliator like this one can help prepare your skin to better absorb your products, but be sure to not overdo it. Depending on the duration of your trip, you may not need to bring this extra step along.

Moisturizer: Whether you’re going to a hot and humid place or somewhere dry and cold, you’ll need to nourish the look of your skin with the right moisturizer.

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Optional After-Care Products

The eye area is the one of the first places to visibly show dehydration, so a luxurious product like the Advanced Repair Eye Cream is a great travel option.

Our Booster Trio Set features hydrating, smoothing, and skin-perfecting products designed to reveal a visibly glowing appearance. It’s ideal for travel and is powered by potent antioxidants and actives. 

If you’re getting extra sun on your trip, don’t forget your 30% Vitamin C Dry Oil for an extra dose of Vitamin C and other spot-diminishing ingredients. Remember heat and sun can increase the look of dark spots!

Pro Tip: If you’re wearing makeup while on the go, try this over makeup skin hydration hack. Dab your Advanced Repair Eye Cream around the eye area OVER makeup when you need a refresh. You can also mist some water on the skin and pat in additional Hydrate and Smooth Serum throughout the day as needed. Watch the video on TikTok!

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