Face Masks: The Ultimate Guide

What’s in a goPure Beauty Anti-Wrinkle Sheet Mask?

goPure’s signature face masks are made with three main ingredients that have big benefits for your skin and can minimize the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. These key ingredients are glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, and turmeric.

  • Glycolic acid is a member of the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) family. As an AHA, glycolic acid is excellent at penetrating your skin and providing gentle exfoliation to leave your face looking renewed and refreshed. Glycolic acid is unique among AHAs thanks to its ability to both moisturize and exfoliate your skin. When you use a face mask that includes glycolic acid, you can count on getting gentle exfoliation that won’t leave your skin raw, red, or irritated. Instead, you’ll get soothing and refreshing power from this incredible natural ingredient!

  • Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by your skin, and applying it topically as an ingredient in a face mask can help your skin stay moisturized and hydrated. Hyaluronic acid makes a perfect component for a face mask thanks to its natural moisturizing properties and its gentle feel on your skin. This acid shatters the myth that acids will leave your skin feeling irritated. Instead, the natural wonder that is hyaluronic acid can provide much-needed lasting moisture and restore that youthful glow that you’re after.

  • Turmeric root extract has natural cleansing properties, making it a perfect addition to our signature face mask formula. By working to remove impurities, turmeric can leave your face transformed after you peel off one of goPure’s face masks. It’s a truly refreshing sensation that comes from entirely natural ingredients like turmeric.

goPure’s face masks also include green tea extract, a powerful calming antioxidant. Green tea is naturally rich in nutrients, and it’s perfect for reducing redness and evening out your appearance. 

Our signature face mask formula also features chamomilla recutita extract. This ingredient soothes your skin, and its abundant vitamin and antioxidant content makes it an excellent source of nutrition for your skin cells.

Finally, goPure face masks feature rosa canina fruit extract to provide additional antioxidants and acids, must-haves for any anti-aging beauty regimen. The natural high antioxidant and acid content of rosa canina fruit makes its extract a powerful glow-boosting addition to our signature face mask formula.

Why Use Face Masks?

Using a high-quality face mask is an excellent way to refresh your skin and provide it with much-needed moisture and hydration. The ingredients included in goPure’s face masks are essential nutrients that work wonders for the look and feel of your skin. 

If you are aiming to reduce signs of aging like wrinkles, lines, and dark spots, using a face mask can be a huge help in getting a look that you love.

In addition, face masks feel amazing to use! It’s an incredibly refreshing sensation to put a beauty-boosting mask on your face, and it’s extremely satisfying to peel the mask off when you’re done and see the results. 

Face masks are also super simple – you just pull one out of its packaging, lay it gently on your face, let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, and you’re all set.

Choosing high-quality face masks from goPure is always worthwhile instead of going with cheaper, lower-grade face masks. The difference is real, and choosing clean ingredients from all-natural sources really will make a difference for your skin! 

When you choose to supply your skin with ingredients that are naturally beneficial and stay away from unnecessary artificial additives, your skin will thank you.

goPure’s face masks are all-natural -- they are made without any artificial dyes, fragrances, or other unnecessary additives. In addition, all goPure products are cruelty-free and made right here in the USA. With the highest quality all-natural ingredients and a process that you can trust, our signature face masks are the perfect beauty tools for anyone!

Using A Face Mask: Four Steps For Success

Putting on one of goPure’s anti-wrinkle sheet masks is quick, simple, and fun. It may take a second to get used to the cool sensation of the mask on your face, but it’s an incredibly refreshing feeling that you’ll want more of as soon as you’re done! 

Here are four steps for successfully using a goPure face mask.

1. Use A Gentle Cleanser Before Applying Your Mask.

Whenever you use a face mask, it’s always essential to apply it when your skin is completely clean and dry. Any dirt, makeup, or other residue on your face can interfere with the mask doing its work. In addition, excess moisture on your face can make it hard to get a sheet mask to stick. 

To get your skin ready for a face mask, use a gentle cleanser to wash your face and get rid of any impurities. goPure’s vitamin C cleanser is the perfect option for pre-face mask cleansing and daily use. Our cleanser is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, and the inclusion of vitamin C makes it ideal for brightening and evening your complexion.

To use your cleanser, simply take a small amount and spread it throughout your face and neck using gentle circular motions. Then, you can rinse your face with cool water, pat it dry with a clean towel, and move on to putting your face mask on!

2. Align The Mask’s Holes With Your Eyes, Nose, And Mouth

Once you’ve used a cleanser to get your skin ready, it’s time to put your face mask on. A goPure face mask has designated holes in it for your eyes, nose, and mouth. When you pull the mask out of its packaging, you can use a mirror as a guide to make sure you are putting it on symmetrically, lining up the holes with your eyes, your nose, and your mouth.

On clean, dry skin, a face mask will easily adhere to your face and sit in place without sliding around. Once the mask is on your face, you can gently smooth out any air bubbles that might have shown up in it from not laying it completely flat on your skin. Smoothing out these bubbles will ensure that the mask is covering your entire face as evenly as possible.

When the face mask is resting on your skin, there’s a cooling, calming sensation that even we find hard to describe! Sometimes, the tingling feeling can be a bit strange at first – the cool sheet of the mask sitting on your face is not quite like anything else. After getting used to it, though, a face mask is an incredibly refreshing self-care tool!

3. Remove The Mask After 10-15 Minutes

Once you have worn a face mask for 10-15 minutes, it’s time to gently remove it. The mask should be easy to peel off of your face and discard – face masks are a one-use item, and it’s best to get rid of them in the trash after you’ve used them once. 

A face mask will likely leave some of the formula on your face, which can be gently rubbed in throughout your face and neck to let your skin absorb the beneficial ingredients left behind by the mask.

4. Practice Good Aftercare Habits

In the days following using a face mask, it’s always a great idea to be extra gentle with your skin. That means avoiding any products containing retinol for at least 12 hours – a face mask may make your skin more sensitive, and retinol has greater potential to irritate your skin at this point.

In addition, make sure to wear sunscreen for at least 48 hours following using a face mask, especially if you will be getting direct exposure to the sun during this window of time. After 48 hours, you can resume your normal skincare routine completely – any additional skin sensitivity from a face mask will have worn off at this point.

After a few days have passed, you can go ahead and use a face mask again if you want to – using masks once or twice a week is great for your skin! You don’t need to make masks a part of your daily skincare routine, though, in order to reap their benefits. 

Instead, make a face mask a self-care tool that you use a few times per week. On the rest of the days of the week, you can stick with your normal skincare habits – cleansing in the morning and at night with a gentle cleanser, using toner, exfoliator and serums, and moisturizing your skin and wearing mineral-based sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays.

Taking great care of your skin is always a worthwhile investment, and with goPure beauty products, it’s easier than ever! With all-natural ingredients, our signature anti-wrinkle sheet masks make a perfect addition to your beauty routine, and they’re bound to leave your skin feeling hydrated, nourished, and refreshed. 

The cooling, calming sensation that you get from a face mask is truly a delight – it’s like taking yourself to a spa for a few minutes!





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