Everything you need to know about Glycolic Acid

 What is Glycolic Acid? 

Glycolic acid is a member of the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) family that's derived from sugar cane. Because of its low molecular weight, glycolic acid is excellent at penetrating your skin and providing gentle exfoliation to leave your face looking renewed and moisturized.

What does Glycolic Acid do for your skin? 

It helps shed dead skin cells and reveal the newer, brighter layers underneath by acting on the outermost layer of skin. Since AHA's are water soluble, they work well on the epidermis layer of the skin.

But because glycolic acid is so small, it can get deeper into your skin too, where it does some serious work. Glycolic acid stimulates the dermis and it helps skin feel firmer and minimizes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. 

How to use glycolic acid in your skin care routine

Glycolic Acid is found in many different types of products from cleansers and toners to serums and moisturizers. Some products have a higher strength and concentration of glycolic acid than others. And when it comes to using glycolic acid products at home, less is more. If you're using products with more active treatments or higher strength concentrations, then opt to reducing the use to weekly. 

It's important to follow up with a hydrating product so that your skin can replenish the moisture. And as always, use an SPF product in the daytime (as acids can increase skin sensitivity to sunlight)! 

At goPure, the 2 products that have Glycolic Acid in them are the Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer and our Anti Wrinkle Sheet Masks. Both products contain other botanical ingredients that supplement hydration and make it less harsh for your skin.

Which skin types is glycolic acid best for? 

It's best for normal, combination and oily skin types however this depends on the product and the concentration of glycolic acid it has. For example, our Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer is also suited for dry skin because it contains other hydrating ingredients that are non-irritating. 

If you have sensitive skin, it's best to tread lightly when starting to use products with glycolic acid and to monitor your skin's reaction.




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