Cleansing 101

Cleansing is a fundamental component of any skincare routine. In fact, it is an ESSENTIAL step in starting our skincare routine off on the right foot, with a clean slate. Here are some steps and tips to cleanse your skin properly and effectively.

The Double Cleanse

A cleanser BEFORE my cleanser? Why would I want to cleanse my skin twice? A double cleanse is a two-step cleansing process where you do a pre-cleanse before your traditional cleansing step. This helps give skin a deep, yet gentle cleanse.

The First Step: Pre-Cleanse

A ‘pre-cleanse’ can kickstart the removal of makeup, dirt, pollution, and excess oil – so your traditional cleanser can work on a deeper, more effective level. This step is a great addition to your evening routine.

Skincare Fact: Not all traditional cleansers are made to remove makeup. Specialized cleansing balms can help break down and dissolve stubborn makeup products and other impurities gently and effectively.

The SuperFruit Enzymes Cleansing Balm can easily break down even the most stubborn waterproof makeup products without damaging the skin or lashes. It nourishes delicate, dry skin and can even clarify oily skin types. Enzymes help renew the look of skin and oils help support our skin’s natural lipid barrier for an overall boost in visible skin hydration.

How to use the SuperFruit Enzymes Cleansing Balm
  • Pull any hair away from your face so you can get your products close to your hairline.
  • Scoop out the desired amount of the cleansing balm into your hands and rub together to melt the product.
  • Massage onto dry skin to start breaking down makeup and impurities.
  • Wet the skin with warm water and continue to massage.
  • You’ll notice the balm will change into a milky consistency with water.
  • To remove, rinse with warm water or use a washcloth or cotton rounds to wipe away the cleanser, makeup, and oils.
  • Continue with the Gentle Gel Cleanser and the rest of your skincare routine.

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The Second Step: Cleansing

We want to set our skin up for success day and night and cleansing is a vital part of this process. During the day, pollution can amplify the negative effects of free radicals on the skin that cause the visible signs of aging. Proper cleansing also prepares the skin to receive the ingredients in your skin care products. It’s a crucial step no one should skip.

At night our skin is in repair and restore mode, but surface bacteria, dirt, makeup, and oil can clog pores and cause breakouts and inflammation. Cleansing day and night is recommended, however, cleansing at night is crucial to remove these impurities from the surface of the skin and is your most important cleanse.

Note: It may also be important to cleanse the skin after sweating heavily.

Skincare Fact: Over 100 Billion bacteria live on our skin at any given time. Some are good and contribute to a healthy skin biome while some lead to skin issues like irritation and acne. One bacteria can multiply into 16 million in just 12 hours!

It’s important to choose a cleanser that works with your skin type and is free from sulfates and other harsh surfactants like The Gentle Gel Cleanser. Harsh cleansing ingredients can strip the skin’s lipid barrier to cause irritation, redness, dryness, and dehydration. After cleansing, your skin shouldn’t feel tight, dry, or stingy – It should feel clean and refreshed. The goPure Gentle Gel Cleanser is a mild, hydrating formulation that is suitable for all skin types and can be used day and night.

How to use the Gentle Gel Cleanser

Use warm water to dampen the skin and apply a nickel-sized amount of cleanser to your hands and lather. Use a circular motion, and gentle pressure to massage the product around the face for 60 seconds. This will allow the specialized ingredients to penetrate and work their magic. Rinse with warm water. Pat your skin dry with a clean soft towel.

Pro Tip: Avoid cleansing with hot water. Hot water can compromise our skin’s barrier leading to dryness, irritation, and dehydration of the skin.

Finish your cleansing routine with a toner to balance the skin and finish with the rest of your routine. The goPure Hydrating Toner may be applied with a cotton round or with the hands. Then your skin will be ready for the rest of your goPure routine!

If you’re going to follow cleansing with a humectant-rich product, like a hyaluronic acid serum, you can leave the skin slightly damp (but not wet). If you’re going to apply a retinoid product directly after cleansing, pat the skin fully dry.

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I have half a bottle of Vitamin C Cleanser left. Could this be used as the second half of the 2 step cleansing process until gone?
goPure Beauty replied:
Hi Elizabeth,

Great question! Yes, most definitely! You can use the Vitamin C Cleanser along with the new Superfruit Enzymes Cleansing Balm. ;)

Elizabeth Gustek

Have used your products for years. Love them

Anne Hansen

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