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Editors, influencers, and skincare enthusiasts have shown us so much support — and now, we’re sharing the love with a peek at some of our best buzz!

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OK! Magazine

"GoPure’s Glow Pure Tinted Mineral Sunscreen SPF provides a luminous, sheer and tinted glow rather than a chalky whitecast. The clean, multitasking mineral sunscreen does everything under the sun, including:
- Creates a gorgeous glowy look with SPF 40 PA+++ protection
- Offers a powerful mineral formula protects against UV rays
- Moisturizes the look of skin for a healthy-looking complexion
- Doubles as a bare-faced skin tint and protective primer on makeup days
- Plus it’s reef-friendly and dermatologist tested for a clean, kind formula you can feel great about.

Products mentioned in article: Glow Pure Tinted Mineral Sunscreen SPF



"Niacinamide (a.k.a. vitamin B3) is one of those overachiever ingredients that does it all, for any skin type. Use it to help even skin tone and texture, treat acne, and decrease redness. This new booster serum from GoPure makes it easy to amp up any of your favorite skin-care products. I like to mix a few drops with my hyaluronic acid serum before applying moisturizer for a seriously good glow. SYW"



Good Housekeeping
"If you're in pursuit of healthier-looking skin (you know, a complexion that looks well-rested, radiant, and smooth all over), the good news is that you can have it. You just have to give your skin the support it needs—especially as you age. Recognizing the different factors that can contribute to fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness is key here, and thanks to cruelty-free beauty brand goPure—which offers multiple solutions packed with active ingredients to help tackle every concern—you can [get] all of the products you need to get your dream complexion in your beauty arsenal. That, and this nifty cheat sheet on what you'll need, which we've put together with the help of board-certified dermatologists and a cosmetic chemist."

Products mentioned in article: Actives Skin Care System - $99

The Oprah Magazine
"My complexion in one word? Temperamental. I’m extremely oily in some areas, dry in others, and constantly breaking out in both. If a formula doesn’t agree with my skin, it immediately revolts in the form of red, inflamed splotches. On top of all of that, I’m hyper-concerned with taking preventative steps to smooth over fine lines. So, I picked up goPure's Glyco-Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer in hopes it would balance my stressed-out, ever-changing skin. The product was easy enough to fit into my existing routine—I sandwiched it between my vitamin C serum and sunscreen during the day, and as a final step I applied it after my retinol serum at night. My skin loved this combination, and within weeks, I started noticing a visible difference. The almost-constant redness had subsided, my tone had evened out, and those annoying dry spots all but disappeared. Suffice it to say that goPure’s Glyco-Peptide Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer has solidified itself as a permanent member of my skincare routine—here are four reasons why."

"If you were to ask practically any dermatologist about non-negotiable skincare must haves, vitamin C is bound to make the list—yet, I’ve always found it tough to make the powerhouse ingredient a mainstay of my routine... No, the truth is that I am picky, and the less-than-stellar sensorial experiences I’ve had thus far with vitamin C serums haven’t inspired me to keep using them long enough to see real results. That’s why I was excited when I was challenged by goPure to integrate goPure Vitamin C Serum into my routine for two weeks. My hope was that applying it twice daily for a controlled period of time would yield some of those rockstar skin benefits I’d heard about. And at the end of my experiment, I was very pleasantly surprised. Not only did I see results, but the goPure formula exceeded my (admittedly fussy) expectations."
Products mentioned in article: Vitamin C Serum - $18

Us Weekly
"As the skincare market gets more and more competitive, it’s hard to decide which products will give the best results... A lot of companies may not care what the ingredients are or don’t fully understand the ramifications of what these “bad” ingredients can do to the skin. goPure Beauty is a new skincare line that reportedly keeps the bad stuff out and puts effective active ingredients in. The founders have been in the industry for years and got fed up with the overpriced, toxic products that were the only choices. They finally decided to create an innovative skincare line that is not only clean beauty, but also may deliver visible results. The release of their new Actives Serum Trio Set has prompted over 1,000 five-star reviews with accolades from one reviewer touting, “People think I’m way younger than I am,” after continuously using this product. It’s no wonder everyone’s been flocking to the goPure site to order up these serums."

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Products mentioned in article: Actives Serum Trio Set - $79


"[goPure Beauty's} Actives Firm & Lift Serum contains Bakuchiol.. & a retinol that is ahead of it's time. It's never too soon for preventative products. [This] is one of the most gentle retinol products I've ever tried!"
Products mentioned in video: Actives Firm & Lift Serum - $34

 CBS58 WDJT - Milwaukee

"Hyperpigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles, dryness are all things we want to tackle going into fall so we can be refreshed. I'm obsessed with goPure Beauty! Their Actives Serums Trio, 3 different products that are clinically tested that work with your skin  results to help [the appearance of] hyperpigmentation."

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Products mentioned in article: Actives Serum Trio Set - $79


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I’m so all the products I have used so far have been nothing short of miraculous my skin is pretty much makeup optional now so that’s ssooo good for me
goPure Beauty replied:
Thank you so much for your feedback and we are glad that you are enjoying the products! 💙


Hi Brenda,

Thank you for reaching your feedback. Like many other brands, we’ve unfortunately been faced with rapidly increasing production costs. As such, we made the decision to adjust prices on a handful of products while continuing to over-deliver on the value we offer our customers. Don’t worry, you can still find your favorite Originals on our website! They are in their own collection so you can easily shop them here: https://gopurebeauty.com/collections/gopure-originals <https://gopurebeauty.com/collections/gopure-originals>

Best Regards, goPure Beauty

goPure Beauty

I’ve been watching the live broadcast. Looks like great products!


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