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Is your skin "Normal"?

March 02, 2020 | BY Rhonda Telfer

My grandson aka the little VIP of New York City, is three months old today. He had his own goPure blog post when he was born, so I think it’s fair to say that little Cecil is something of an influencer. I flew in from San Diego to spend a week in my role of Adoring Grandmother, and I am getting some great skin inspiration. 

The skin of a baby is absolutely wonderful. You look at those cheeks and you sigh longingly. Ah, if only we could all go through life with the complexion of a baby! Creamy, smooth, plump (not to mention irresistibly kissable).

But of course, we age. Flawless newborn skin isn’t our normal anymore. The passage of time shows up on our faces. So what is “Normal Skin” for mature women, anyway? 

It’s important to understand skin type. One way to determine yours is to examine it one hour after you’ve washed your face (I hope you are using goPure’s Vitamin C Cleanser, because it is delectable). After a gentle wash-and-dry, take note of how your face feels and looks. If your assessment is “even and smooth,” without any particular oiliness or dryness, then you could call your skin “normal.” If you have some oiliness in the T-zone but are dryer along cheeks and jaw, you have “combination skin.” 

Normal skin is really defined but what it is not. It means you don’t have, for example, regular chapped or flaky patches, or you aren’t constantly fighting an unwanted oily sheen. Normal means you don’t have any severe sensitivities. Your pores don’t look overly obvious. 


Normal might describe parts of your face (and neck) and not others. My own self-analysis is this: my cheeks are normal, but the skin at my hairline is oily and prone to clogged pores. And lately my CPAP is making the area around my nose reddish and chapped, which is unsightly. I have combination skin. 

Thankfully, goPure has it all covered. Their formulas are designed with the right balance of ingredients. It’s not a line of products for only one type of woman. I pay attention to the instructions and note what they say about amounts to use (those droppers for the serums are ideal). 

I take their advice on daytime use versus nighttime use. goPure even suggests taking time off from, e.g., the retinol products if necessary, because for some women, retinoids can be irritating if used too often. We want to be careful, not mindlessly slathering on as much as possible in hopes of faster results.

The instructions also encourage you to test new products on a small patch of skin (for example, your arm or the back of your hand) to ensure you don’t have an allergic reaction or find some ingredient irritating.

Keep in mind that normal skin can still be susceptible to blemishes or sun damage. So normal doesn’t mean neglect. goPure’s serums are especially helpful for improving the appearance of your skin with visible, ongoing nourishment.

It’s fun to read the testimonies on this site. Some of you describe how goPure has improved the appearance of specific conditions. But many of you didn’t start with “problem” skin. Normal is your type. For example, one woman writes: “I have great skin but was looking for some vitamins for in my 60s.” 

Another says “Within a week I noticed my skin looked brighter. After four weeks, others are starting to notice.” And here’s my favorite (whoever you are, I love your upbeat tone!): Well, it's 2 months + and for a 72 yr. old woman with reasonably decent skin, I actually DO see an improvement of the texture and tone/color….My face truly does look better….I wear makeup fairly regularly but when I'm home without it and pass a mirror--boy, I DO notice an improvement in my skin.”

As for me, I’m 58 years away from my own days of baby-soft skin. But I’m confident about my goPure routine. I too “DO notice an improvement.” goPure is helping me with the more unsightly signs of aging. I don’t need to worry about what’s coming in years ahead. 

So I’m going to crease up my face into laughter and smiles as often as I can. And I’m quite sure that, with this irresistibly adorable little VIP in my world, I’ll be doing a lot more smiling.

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