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Update about the goPure Complete Premium Kit

June 27, 2018 | BY Erin Driess

I hope you are having a great week!  I have some bad news and also some good news (at the bottom)

Bad news first: As you may remember, a couple of weeks ago I sent you an email letting you know that we will probably have to be raising the price on our Complete Premium Skin Care System Kit. I have tried to avoid and fight this as much as possible, but finally the time is here and the price is increasing this Thursday. Ingredient costs are going up and so is the price of shipping those ingredients to our manufacturing facility and we finally have no choice.  Since I believe in being transparent about everything with our clients I'm letting you know this now. Alas, this is the last price increase we anticipate having for a long time.

As of Thursday this kit will be $117 instead of the $99.90 sale price we have had it at for the last couple of months. That being said it will still be a great deal and the best value we offer. BUT I just wanted to give you this final heads up so you can get it now if you prefer. Click here to get it for $99.90 before the price goes up on Thursday. Don't say I didn't warn you :) 

If you love your goPure Beauty products I recommend getting this kit while it's in stock and at this price. Keep in mind if we run out of even one item in this kit the whole kit is put out of stock. With how popular goPure is becoming every day it's not easy to keep all 10 products in stock (That's why this kit is so frequently out of stock).

Good news: We have heard from many of you that our new thicker version of the Vitamin C Serum was not as good as you are used to so we have switched back to our original formula! All our goPure Vitamin C serum in stock right now is the original formula that you've come to love which is thinner but absorbs better. We will never change this formula again! 

Have questions? Emails us here, ping us on our facebook page or call us at 1-800-925-4232

Have a great rest of your week!

Erin Driess
goPure Beauty

Comments (31)

Bonnie Perkins_

I also have had a lot of trouble getting the toner out of the bottle. Please thing it down a bit. Also what is the % of retinol in the serum and moisturizer? Thank you for great affordable products! I am 66 and have seen measurable improvements especially on age spots.

Alice Roy_

Ordered the full system above but have a question. The toner is a thick gel and very hard to get out of the bottle. Is this the way it always comes?

Stephanie Aquino_

I’m very disappointed in the thickened Vitamin C serum that you sent. Difficult to use the dropper and, as a result, most of the serum is gone while I still have a good quantity of the other serums left. So now I find myself in a position to order only the Vitamin C serum and not the other products I ordered along with that. I’m sure you can check your records to see what package I ordered. I’m happy you’re going back to the original formula as I love your products and I do t want to shop elsewhere. Thank you!

Sherry Robison_

I am happy to hear you are going back to the original vitamin c serum. I do not like the thicker version, makes my face have a sticky feel and my foundation looks caked on. Thank you for listening.


Thank you for the info but I have not received my order yet and it will be my first order so I have not yet tried the product to see how it will do for me so therefore I cannot order another one without trying it first. I am anxious however to receive and try the product.

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