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The Secret To Visibly Restoring Damaged Skin

January 06, 2020 | BY Rhonda Telfer

I know, I know. We have to be very careful: the damage UV rays can cause is well-documented. Perhaps (though I hope not!) you’ve had a dermatological scare yourself. I’m fair-skinned, so I definitely need regular check-ups. So far, so good. But as a kid I had lots of agonizing sunburns. I was the freckled redhead who tried to copy my blonde, tawny friends by “laying out” all summer. There was, for example, the day my golden-haired cousin and I climbed up on my roof to be “closer to the sun” (I believe we gained about fifteen feet of planetary space). My cousin turned bronze, while I ended up with blisters.

But it’s January now, and unless you are snowbirding in Florida or the southwest, you’re likely heading into some drab days. This can be a dark month. I spent a decade in Chicago, and I used to dread January, because the “lakefront effect” meant nearly constant cloud cover. The year opened with day after day of fuzzy, dull grey, woolen skies. You would feel ravenous for sunshine, if you weren’t too groggy to feel anything at all.

So what about that ball of fire 93 million miles away from us (give or take a few feet)? Is it friend or foe? Should we always hide our faces from it, because it only gives us wrinkles and skin cancer? Fortunately, you and I don’t have to worry. We have GoPure on our side.

Each of GoPure’s products are meant to be restorative. For one, there’s the terrific Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Before using goPure, I’d never heard of hyaluronic acid (I’m still learning to pronounce it). But I’ve learned that h.a. holds up to one thousand times its own weight in water: that’s great hydration for a sun-touched face in any season. And the serum contains vitamin E, which makes the “forecast” good for skin that may be susceptible to UV damage. 

Looking for an extra boost to visibly hydrate and nourish your skin? There’s nothing like a nice dollop of Enzyme Mask, gently massaged into my skin after a long day in the sun, or a windy hike outside. 

Vitamin C Serum is another one of my trusted sidekicks for improving the appearance of sunspots and over exposed skin. I love using Retinol (cream and serum) at night, but it’s important to use sunscreen religiously when using any Retinol products.

I don’t know about you, but I stayed indoors a lot over the holidays. We had heavy rains, and my kids were here, with friends dropping by, so we had a string of late nights (everyone battled till midnight, trying to conquer each other at Settlers of Catan). Carbs were plentiful, and mornings were lazy. Yesterday I realized my face hadn’t been in natural light for two weeks. So I turned off my computer, ditched my desk work (and housework) and took a walk. 

I wanted to deliberately feel the sun on my face. Just a few moments of closing my eyes, face up, feeling the warm rays, clearing my head a bit. Then I went inside and, just for fun, googled “songs about sunshine” and found some real gems (try it sometime! “Keep on the Sunny Side” from 1928 will surely make you smile.). I needed the uplift at the beginning of a month that can get very gloomy. 

Friends, we absolutely need to be wise about sun exposure. The GoPure pros won’t let us down; for example, here are some tips from esthetician Stephanie George. But we don’t have to hide from the sun. 

If you feel the January blahs, consider stepping outside, into natural light, the first chance you get.  Close your eyes and take a moment to let the beams touch your face. After all, if you are using GoPure’s restorative serums and creams sunup and sundown, your skin has what it needs, and your spirit will benefit from a healthy dose of sunshine.

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