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The Meeting

December 10, 2019 | BY Rhonda Telfer

Which goPure products do you pack when you travel?

I had a super important meeting in New York last week. My suitcase was already bulging with a key part of my presentation, and I simply could not fit in all my goPure products. So I chose my (current) favorites: Vitamin C Cleanser, Hyaluronic Acid SerumVitamin C MoisturizerMicrodermabrasion Cream. Hmm...should I take the hydrating toner? Was it really that important? There was barely an inch to spare. But at the last minute, I shoved the slim bottle into a corner beneath my socks. 

It was definitely not a trip that went easy on the skin. I flew from San Diego to the Big Apple with layovers in Denver and Chicago. This meant schlepping my bags between train, taxi, airport, airport, taxi bus taxi--and lots of walking in between. I went from hot to cold to hot and was a perspiring mess when I arrived in LaGuardia--surrounded by stale airport air, in a bulky coat, with still more schlepping ahead.

You probably know that yucky feeling: when the only places to freshen up are a miniscule sink on the plane and then a crowded public restroom. I was going straight from LaGuardia to the meeting. I wanted to feel just right for my first encounter with the VIP. It was, in fact, one of the most important days of my career, and here I was, the very opposite of fresh.

Luckily, I found a restroom in LaGuardia tucked away from the “Arrivals” rush. I opened my bag and did some swift contortionist moves in one corner. I wriggled out of my ripe-smelling sweater, did a quick underarm wash, and put on a fresh top. Then I tended to my face. All those maneuvers had made it even hotter. I started with the Vitamin C Cleanser—ahh, better already, but dang, I wish I had my toner, wait, I thought I packed it, come on come on, I know it’s in here....YES.

Friends, I am NOT making this part up: when I patted that toner onto my face, I immediately felt cooler. It was pretty astounding, actually. The contrast between frazzled and stuffy to feeling like a cool breeze was passing across my skin was terrific, exactly what I needed to feel fresh again after three thousand miles. I patted that toner onto my neck and even over my chest. Is it the witch hazel that does it? The aloe vera? The chamomile and geranium extracts? Certainly it’s the combination of all its fresh botanicals. I’d heard beauty expert Dawn Gallagher say, in her goPure video, “Toner is the most important step.” Now I had felt it. I suddenly relaxed. I patted on the serum and moisturizer, and was ready and eager for that meeting. I still had a long bus ride from the airport. But the hot yuck was gone. I could finally focus on that VIP. I kept envisioning what it would be like to actually meet him face to face, the fellow who was, for me, the most important person in the city. What a privilege to get a personal interview! 

An hour later, I walked into Room 635 of Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital in Manhattan. And there, in the arms of my daughter, was my first grandchild: Cecil Philip. Named after his great-great grandfather. (Later, I would make my presentation: a quilt from great grandma.) Cecil was seven pounds, ten ounces of VIP: very irresistible perfection. With the incomparably soft skin of a newborn that never ceases to amaze and delight and make us yearn for all that is fresh, restful and of greatest importance.

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