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The Correct Order to Apply Skin Care Products and Why

September 24, 2018 | BY Erin Driess

As an Esthetician, I am asked by my clients what can they do to improve the appearance of their maturing skin, or why is their new overly priced night cream not turning them into a young Sophia Loren…the answer? Routine. It’s all about the routine. Just like everything else, routine helps get results…go to the gym a few days a week and you’ll gain muscle, eating every evening before 6 PM will lead to better digestion, cutting out excess sweets and sodas will help you lose weight. When you follow a daily skin care regimen alongside quality products, your skin can repair itself and help slow down the aging process. When it comes to aging, not everyone wants to step foot into a plastic surgeon’s office or get a weekly facial their dermatologist’s medical spa, so what can we do to help ourselves age gracefully without breaking the bank or putting yourself in harm’s way going under the knife?

Follow my daily skin care routine and find yourself with gradually glowing, radiant skin in a matter of no time!


Just like you’d never go a day without washing your hands, ridding them from all the harmful bacteria and whatever else you come in contact with, you need to cleanse your face in order to do the same. Using a quality cleanser can help remove any impurities that may have been clogging your pores. When you cleanse your face first (preferably when you wake up and when you go to bed) you allow your skin to not only breath but allow skin care products to penetrate much deeper resulting in your skin looking its best.

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I can’t express enough, Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliating is key to buffing away dry, rough skin, ridding yourself of dead skin cells. When you exfoliate, you’re allowing fresh, new cells to emerge as you boost your circulation. When you are looking for a good exfoliator, look for lactic acid which is gentle on your skin but can still smooth and brighten. To ensure your skin isn’t too sensitive, start off exfoliating gently twice a week especially those with sensitive skin. Those with dry, mature skin I typically suggest between three and four times weekly for best results.

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Once you have exfoliated your skin, pat your skin dry and apply toner. This is a product that I always have on me…in my yoga bag, my purse and on my vanity as it feels refreshing and gives a nice pick me up for my skin. Some professionals swear by it while others find it unnecessary. Ask this Esthetician and I’m gonna’ tell you your skin will thank you! Toning your skin helps maintain and balance your PH levels all while staying hydrated helping prevent wrinkles…now who doesn’t love that?

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After your skin is cleansed and dry, apply a high concentration serum that soothes your skin and prepares it to absorb other facial products much quicker. Whether you have sensitive skin, rosacea or dry skin, serum is a soothing necessity that will help treat dehydration, locking in moisture and leaving it feeling

supple. On the chillier months here in Florida (anything below 80!) I like to apply serum again after my foundation gently patting in against my forehead, cheeks and nose instantly brightening up my skin.

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I was always taught by my mother to never rub my eyes or forget to put on eye cream or I’ll ‘regret it when you’re older’…thank goodness I listened! Owning a good eye cream may also help minimize the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. Don’t forget when applying, use either your pinky or ring fingers to gently pat the product around the delicate skin around the eyes. One hint of advice I tell my clients is if you notice you’ve woken up with puffiness, place green tea bags followed by ice cold spoons on the area for a few minutes after your eye cream has been applied. It’s a great refreshing feeling that we all can use whether we have had a bad night’s sleep or just a rough day.

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Just as important as exfoliation is to your skin, moisturizing is just as valuable in maintaining healthier skin. Regardless your age, everyone needs a moisturizer that will lock in hydration and allow products to soak properly into your pores. Look for those with hyaluronic acid which will help alleviate dry skin and also works on minimizing fine lines and wrinkles to help show a more youthful appearance. Another favorite ingredient of mine that I can’t live without? Retinol. Retinol not only helps improve skin’s elasticity, helps minimize discoloration, but it also aids in slightly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In the evening night cream is suggested due to the thicker consistency and higher amount of concentrated moisture that will quench your skin’s need as you sleep.

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Last but not least, don’t forget your sunscreen! A good SPF 50 or greater should be used daily regardless whether it’s snowing our or a dreary cloudy day to protect from the sun’s powerful UV and UVB rays. Sunscreen isn’t just used for protecting against sunburns, it also protects from harmful pollutants as well as minimizes the risk of skin cancers. When protected with sunscreen, you are also slowing down the aging process.






Now this may not be a necessity, but it surely helps in aiding with the process of achieving beautiful skin. Your body is truly amazing. As you sleep your body is working in overdrive digesting that amazing Chicken Florentine you had for dinner, repairing those sore achy muscles from this evening’s Zumba class and it’s also regenerating new skin cells. These aren’t the type of mask that you wear for ten minutes as you tidy up your kitchen (or in my case, sipping on white wine as I enjoy half a pint of ice cream, reading a wonderful new book) these overnight masks are applied after your night cream and must be left on as you sleep, soothing and penetrating into your skin helping result in a beautiful glow the next morning.

Curious as to what this Esthetician’s regimen consist of in order to create glowing skin?


1. Cleanser

2. Toner

3. Serums

4. Eye Cream

5. Moisturizer

6. Foundation with SPF included


1. Cleanser

2. Light Exfoliation

3. Toner

4. Serum

5. Eye Cream

6. Night Cream

Aging is just a part of life. Although we may not feel it, it sneaks up on us as we catch a glimpse or two of ourselves in the mirror but it doesn’t mean we can’t take better care of ourselves to help with the aging process. Take a walk, drink plenty of water, have your daily supplements and incorporate more nutritious foods into your diet…all these things not only help your mind and body, but added to your daily regimen you will see better results.

Own your age by looking and feeling great and show of your healthier, younger looking skin!

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About the author:

Stephanie Ivonne is a freelance writer and Licensed Esthetician, a wife and mother of 2.  She spends majority of her free time with her family and friends.  When she is not learning about Beauty and Wellness, Stephanie is a Florida girl and loves spending time doing Yoga, running 10ks, Snorkeling and her absolute favorite, Disney!

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