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Taking My Time

December 02, 2019 | BY Rhonda Telfer

I’m always in a hurry.

I’m not a world-shaker with a news-worthy lifestyle, accomplishing countless consequential deeds. No, in the grand scheme of things, I’m very ordinary. But it’s the way I’m wired: I tend to dash here, rush there, squeeze it in under the deadline. My 84-yr old mother still complains when I visit that I “bang around too much,” flinging open cupboards, whisking things in and out of drawers. Call it energy, call it multitasking, call it impulsiveness (I prefer brilliant creativity ha ha), slowing down has never been my natural pace.

That’s why goPure has been so good for me

You see, my last skin care routine wasn’t caring. I just wanted some cream to slather on that would transform my face—right now, today, thanks, gotta go. But that is simply not how skin care works—or I should say, it does not work that simply.

Skin (and yours) is wonderfully complex.  Like my heart and lungs, my skin is actually an organ (in case there’s a quiz, define “organ” as a self-contained group of tissues that performs a specific function in the body). Skin, in fact, is the largest organ. It protects my body from infection. It regulates my body’s temperature. It enables me, through its network of nerves, to feel the rest of the world (even if I’m too busy to appreciate it). 

You could say that my skin is always on duty, every inch of it working on my behalf.

But I’ve been treating it like some 100% heavy-duty cotton blanket: throw it in the wash now and then, add bleach for any stains, dump in some fabric softener if you want it to feel smoother. To impress overnight guests, just tumble it around in the dryer with a couple of those lavender-scented dryer sheets.

But skin isn’t so easily impressed. 

Unlike a blanket, skin is alive. And it’s not 100% of any one material. It has varying layers and all kinds of cells and performs incredibly complex functions. If you could examine your skin under a microscope, you’d see a startling, almost exotic realm of activity.  I know, because I dashed into the library last week and checked out a human anatomy book, and believe me, the pages about skin (part of the integumentary system, in case you play Trivial Pursuit) were by far the most intriguing. 

So that very ordinary me that rushes around? I’m covered in something vitally consequential. You are, too. Our skeletal and muscular systems may seem to be in charge, but nothing beats the ongoing work of skin. While I’m getting lots of errands done quickly, my skin is reacting, changing, healing, basically trying to keep me out of as much trouble as it can. It’s also being buffeted by the harsh elements of cold, heat, grime and any sharp edges that I might bump into in my carelessness.

And like all good things that grow and change, tending to it takes time. goPure products have made me take that time. 

For now, let me tell you about my use of goPure’s Retinol Serum Intensive Formula.

My skin, you see, has its own routine. Every 28 days, the outer layer completely regenerates itself. Involved in that process are vitamin A derivatives called retinoids. Retinoids are powerful multitaskers, helping to improve the appearance of skin’s texture. That means the Retinal Serum is not an instant fix; I need to apply it regularly, over time. That’s the healthiest way to nourish my ever-active skin. 

Note: Retinoids can make skin more light-sensitive, which is why my bottle of Retinol Serum will last a long time: I only use it 2-3 times a week. Retinoids can also be drying, so I’m sticking to night time use for now, and pairing the serum with goPure’s Vitamin C Moisturizer (a luscious bedtime treat that helps even someone like me relax).

So my dashing-around self is making some permanent changes. I’m taking the words “skin care routine” literally: skin is a complex organ; it needs ongoing care; that means regular, patient treatment. So even though I’m often in a hurry, taking the time to nourish my skin with goPure’s skin care system is worth it. Change will come gradually and, best of all, naturally.

Thanks for taking time to read this!

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