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Taking goPure Home for the Holidays

December 16, 2019 | BY Rhonda Telfer

Do you ever feel nostalgic when using a goPure product? Today I did.

I live in Southern California, where you get some awfully intense sun and heat on your face. So no doubt, I’ve needed the ongoing hydration that goPure serums and moisturizers provide. But this week, I’ve come home for the holidays, back to my parent’s Illinois farm.

It’s been eight winters since I’ve visited. I had forgotten what “below freezing” feels like on the prairie, how cold-to-the-bone you get. Good thing I didn’t forget my goPure.

This farm is surrounded by cornfields, which are now harvested. Bitter northwest winds sweep over the bare land and can slap you in the face. I tried to go for a walk, but came inside after ten minutes. My father, who has spent all his 84 years on this farm, teased me.  “You’ve been in California too long,” he says. “You used to stay outside for hours when you were little.”



When I was little...ah, I remember.

As a child, winter on the farm was fantastic. After a night of wild snow, our yard was swirled with white sculptures carved by the wind. My brother and I bundled up like fat little trolls. We burrowed tunnels through the drifts that swept up the side of the barn. We made snowmen and snow angels, nibbled snow off our mittens, flung snow balls back and forth, and played so hard that, though our faces froze, our hair was plastered with sweat under our stocking caps. When we finally went inside, Mom had hot chocolate ready, and Dad had the fireplace going.

My lips and cheeks were always chapped. But that was the look of winter for a farm girl. My little face was pretty resilient—and those winter-rosy cheeks look very cute in the old pictures.

That was decades ago. Now my skin needs help to weather well. I trust goPure products. But I also enjoy them. And tonight, the Vitamin C Moisturizer is making me feel nostalgic. I’ve come in from the cold. I’ve sat by the fire with my warm drink, taken a hot shower, and now I’m finishing my skincare routine. The kid in me loves the design of this jar: just pump the top and out pops a tiny, snow-white heap of cream. Looking into the mirror on my childhood dresser, I swirl the cream over my cheeks to prevent chapping (which isn’t so cute at age 57). I’ll do the same in the morning, before I try another prairie walk. Especially if my holiday wish comes true and a big snowfall happens while I’m sleeping.

Does something about a goPure product make you smile? I hope so, because no matter what you and I have weathered, our lives are richer when we let our faces came alive with joy, like that of a child romping in the snow.

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