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Skin Care Around The Globe

February 19, 2019 | BY Stephanie George

I’ve always been the type of person that is fascinated with learning about different cultures and their everyday lives. So, when it came to learning about various techniques people from different walks of life do to achieve their ideal beauty and wellness, I was ready to learn and try (some) of these tricks. Unlike the United States where we have regulations and laws to follow, other countries may follow a different set of rules if any. This being said, it is advised to not only try a small section first as an allergy test but also consult with a professional especially those with sensitive skin to avoid possible irritation and even discomfort and pain. With so many amazing skin care techniques being performed across the globe, it’s difficult to not want to try some of these and see for yourself!


Known for their Christ Redeemer Statue and the incredibly festive Carnival extravaganza, Brazilian women are also known for beautiful skin regardless of their age. For these women the kitchen is where great skin begins. Juices and smoothies filled with fruits and vegetables have many benefits along with promoting healthier skin. Tired skin appears brighter and more supple due to being packed with vitamins and antioxidants in every drink. Personally, trying this in addition to my daily skin care regimen I did notice my skin appearing properly hydrated and with a subtle glow. Another bonus is you will notice your energy levels subtly increasing and you will be left more ‘regular’ (if we’re being truthful here!)


Set off the Mediterranean’s Southeastern shore, the people of Israel don’t look far for beautiful skin…it’s all around them. Beauty is found using the natural wonders, especially the mud located in the ever so popular Dead Sea. People all over the world travel here and take part in this beauty treatment. They are first covered with mud from the Dead Sea then placed into salty water to soak. Have no time for frequent trips to cover your skin with this amazingly popular treatment? It’s ok, many will bring additional mud home with them for those at home treatments.



The land down under isn’t just known for their kangaroos and vegemite, but it’s also known for their popular fruit…the Kakadu Plum. Although this fruit isn’t widely known, it is sure known by Australians as they incorporate it in their diet. Even though when you think of vitamin C one typically thinks of oranges, the kakadu plum is packed with more than an orange’s concentration….50x more if we’re gonna be exact! This favorite fruit helps slow down the aging process as it’s also loaded with vitamin E and antioxidants which makes skin appear younger boosting collagen production….oh, and don’t forget it appears to promote cell regeneration!



It seems that Korea is always a hot spot for new fashion trends and skin care techniques. Koreans take their skin care seriously with their daily K-Beauty 10 Step Korean Skin Care Regimen. Similar to our daily routine, Korea adds a few extra steps to their regimen…1. Oil Cleanser 2. Foam Cleanser 3. Toner 4. Essence 5. Serum 6. Sheet Mask 7. Eye Cream 8. Moisturizer 9. Night Cream 10. SPF. Wondering why they wash their faces twice in a session? The oil cleanser is first used to break apart makeup and sebum. Next, they use a foam cleanser after the face is cleansed thoroughly the first time to clean off any residue that may have been left on the skin previously. A couple of ingredients you will come across very often in Korean skin care products is Hyaluronic Acid and Snail Mucin that appears to provide skin with long lasting hydration, soothes acne and helps in regeneration.


With this beautiful culture of vibrant colors and delicious food made with the purest of spices it’s almost expected that their go to tip for glowing looking skin would be a colorful one. Turmeric is popular all over the globe for the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties but also for its ability to appears to boost skin’s health. A beautiful tradition in Indian cultures before a wedding, some brides will create a paste created with honey, yogurt and turmeric and apply to their face and body. Shortly after it’s then washed off and it’ll help with the appearance of smoother and brighter looking skin. An added bonus? It’s been known as a great way to treat unwanted hair for some. Note for anyone wanting to create this mask at home, if you haven’t cooked with Turmeric before you should know it has a very strong and distinct smell as well as the ability to turn your hands a yellow/orange color so those with sensitive skin should really pass on trying this skin care technique.


Those in Africa have found natural ingredients that have made their way to our shelves. A couple well known names are Shea Butter which can be considered your skin’s ‘superfood’. You will find Shea Butter in soaps, lotions, body washes and even makeup. It’s also known to help with the appearance of inflammation and reducing acne but most importantly locks in moisture for even those with the driest of skins. From North Africa there are limited amounts of pure Argan Oil available and they can be costly! Argan Oil has been known to help in the appearance of healing psoriasis, eczema and wrinkles. Full with antioxidants and saturated fatty acids it even has more vitamin E then in olive oil! Argan Oil is known to help with the appearance of softer and brighter skin leaving the skin appearing clearer and smoother.

When it comes to our beauty and wellness, us Americans do whatever we can to look younger and healthier all while having radiant looking skin. Hoping for ‘instant’ results without the commitment of better health, but where does it really get us? One thing from learning about the various countries (many that I haven’t even mentioned!) was that many of these places have one major thing in common…staying healthy. Great skin care doesn’t appear overnight and those that live healthier lifestyles will find that results tend to be more visible than those of a person who doesn’t put their health first. Achieving that youthful, rejuvenated glow isn’t far away, drink your water, incorporate antioxidants into your daily diet and following your daily skin care routine with safe and effective products will have you noticing those beautiful results soon enough!


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Stephanie Ivonne is a freelance writer and Licensed Esthetician and mother of 2.  She spends majority of her free time with her family and friends.  When she is not learning about Beauty and Wellness, Stephanie is a Florida girl and loves spending time doing Yoga, running 10ks, Snorkeling and her absolute favorite, Disney!

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