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Skincare Tips Worth Sharing

August 07, 2022 | BY Stephanie Allen Klasse

Do you have a product you just HAVE to tell someone about? Is there a product or ingredient that everyone seems to be talking about? Is there something in your routine that is worth sharing with someone you care about, so they can have the same incredible results you have experienced? That is what sharable skincare is all about and we’re going to break down the best goPure products that are worth the conversation.

Benefits of Niacinamide 

Niacinamide is the ultimate skincare ingredient to tell your friends about. EVERYONE seems to be talking about it and it has even gone viral. Our 10% Niacinamide Booster is no exception.


Niacinamide offers a range of benefits for all skin types and it is generally very gentle and soothing even on sensitive skin. It can support our natural barrier function and the body’s natural ability to produce ceramides. In skincare products, niacinamide can minimize the appearance of pores and shine as it may balance oil production. It can reduce the look of redness in the skin, improve the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, and even smooth and improve the look of breakouts and acne.


Neck Cream for Firmer Skin

This luxurious, lightweight cream was expertly designed for the delicate neck and décolleté areas and you don't want to keep that to yourself. It delivers targeted care with a proprietary blend of active ingredients to improve the look of crepey, sagging skin, redness, and overall skin firmness. We've had so many of you share your incredible results and experiences with this product in our VIP group and it is a favorite on social media as well. Show these before and afters to your friends and they will be dying to try it out. Results take time, especially on the neck and décolleté, and they can be easy to miss. This is why taking before and after pictures makes such a difference with this product. The proof is in the amazing pictures, stories, and reviews you all share with us each day.  We love hearing your experiences with the neck cream!


Remember it’s never too early to start caring for this delicate skin. 


Skincare Supplements

Supplements, especially for skin benefits, is a hot topic. This is one of our most unique products – it’s skincare from the inside out!


Why is this worth sharing? Our CeramaFirm Supplements feature ingredient is powered by an exclusive wheat extract called Ceramosides®, a 2022 Ingredient of the Year Runner-Up by William Reed’s NutraIngredients-USA. This synergistic formula works to boost the look of hydration, visibly improve skin’s elasticity and firmness, and improve the look of skin smoothness.


It also features niacinamide, biotin, hyaluronic acid, and collagen to deliver the nutrients your skin loves, but your routine may be missing.


Toner for Dry, Thirsty Skin

I asked in the VIP Community what were your most sharable skincare products and our Toner was high on the list! Why is it so shareable? This isn’t your average drug store toner or astringent. Our Hydrating Toner is rich and creamy, and can purify and balance the skin without stripping our skin’s lipids. It is alcohol-free and packed with hydrating humectants like geranium water, aloe, and botanical hyaluronic acid. It is also enriched with rosehip seed oil and jojoba oil to deeply nourish and prepare your skin for the rest of your routine.


This pairs perfectly with our Vitamin C Cleanser and Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes. It's the perfect way to purify and refresh your skin and get your routine off to a strong start. These are skincare BFFs worth gifting.

Gentle Retinol Night Cream

Have you ever heard anyone say they can’t use retinol? Did they find it irritating or drying? Our Retinol Night Cream is worth sharing because it is gentle, moisturizing, and can deliver the benefits of retinol without the irritation of harsh retinoids.


Packaged in the goPure signature airless pump jar, it features pure retinol to improve the look of lines and wrinkles and firm the overall appearance of skin. It is enriched with antioxidants green tea, gotu kola, and soothing vitamin B5 as well as nourishing Vitamin E, Sunflower oil, and Shea Butter to deliver a youthful glow.


This Retinol Night Cream even works on dry skin and is a great way to get started with a retinol routine.


Revitalizing Face Masks

What’s the most fun way to share your skincare favorite? How about some pampering products for a fun home facial! Grab your masks and headbands and share some goPure goodies with your besties.


We have created some fun home facials like our Ultimate Winter Home Facial and Ultimate Spring Home Facial so you can enjoy your skincare with your girlfriends! The Enzyme Mask is what made me want to share all about goPure and I haven’t stopped since!


Which mask is right for you? If you're looking for a deeply nourishing mask that will gently exfoliate, you can swipe on the Enzyme Mask with the goPure Mask Application Brush. Gentle fruit enzymes, AHAs work with nourishing oils and honey to smooth, brighten, and moisturize your skin for a spa-like experience right at home. Grab a friend and you’ll both have that goPure glow in no time!


If you’re looking for a hydrating or brightening boost, you can reach for one of our sheet masks. These are an easy way to deliver targeted ingredients and a rush of glow-boosting hydration with your friends. They also make a great gift and are an easy and fun way to elevate your skincare routine.



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I love goPure products but am a bit overwhelmed with all the options. I have several products and am not sure if I’m using everything correctly and with the other complimenting products. It would be nice to have a cheat sheet on what goes with what and which are for day and/or night. Thank you!
goPure Beauty replied:
Hi Lisa, Thank you for choosing goPure! Please refer to the Glow Guide you can download for instructions on how to use our products here: We appreciate your patience. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further questions or concerns.

Kathy Durand_

I have been using gopure for at least three years now. I love it all. I have used lots of other products before I found gopure and I will never change now. I am 71 and I get compliments on my skin often. So that really makes me feel like I have found what I needed.

Kathy Durand_

I have been using gopure for at least three years now. I love it all. I have used lots of other products before I found gopure and I will never change now. I am 71 and I get compliments on my skin often. So that really makes me feel like I have found what I needed.


These products are awesome. I’m sort of new to these but I’m already seeing positive results. Great Job you you did that.

Patricia Kraay_

I love your product! I have been using go pure for about 5 years and I have the best look for my face, etc at age75. Thank you, for continually making it better, and still affordable.

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