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Pro-Aging: The Secret to Confidence and Joy!

November 18, 2019 | BY Rhonda Telfer

When asked to write a blog post for goPure, I balked. Me, discuss the merits of a beauty product? From inside this skin?? I get intimidated just looking at a jar of cream. My first instinct was to run screaming in the opposite direction.

There were 2 reasons I didn’t: (1) running while screaming can be dangerous, and (2) the young woman who invited me to write said, “Our company isn’t anti-aging— we are pro-aging.”

With that line, I was hooked. You see, I am 57 years old. In my early 50s, I was close enough to the 40s to mentally round-down my age. I could still think of myself as young. And I set out to prove it: I trained for a 5k without fracturing any joints (no screaming there). I exercised my arms, bought a sleeveless dress for my daughter’s summer wedding and danced all night with the 20-somethings, feeling cool.

But now I’m closer to 60. And this fact is inescapable: I am aging. And like never before, I feel homesick for the place called Youth. I think, “I still want to live there!Why, oh cruel Time, are you evicting me?”

One day I found myself lingering in the “Women’s Health” section of a trendy store. It was a very long aisle, four shelves high, and it reduced me to tears. I read promise after promise after promise that, with the right alchemy, I could perform magic: I could actually time travel back to Youth! A daily dab here and there, and presto chango! I would appear TEN YEARS YOUNGER.

(I could also mortgage our house to buy a basket of their potions, but that’s another trick.)

Then I did some math. If I started looking ten years younger today, that would make me appear 47. In ten years, if I kept using the store’s enticing products, Iwould look today’s unacceptable 57. A decade more and I’d look 67, a number I had been frantically avoiding at all costs. By age 107, I would look a glowing...97.

Something wasn’t adding up.

I began to suspect that some enchantress on that aisle was out to snare sad women like me. Her siren song was this: Never be content with your actual age. Over and over, she whispered, Above all things, desire what will always elude you.

Fortunately, the aforementioned young woman from goPure called. The spell I was under snapped when she said, “We are pro-aging.” I realized I had been lingering over a bad idea: that Self-care meant self-rejection.

And I thought, “How many of us are out there, believing that lie?”

I, who never before had willingly visited a website of skin care products, hungrily clicked my way through this one. I talked some more with my new young friend. And I really liked the promises I heard: “Pro-aging” means that goPure (1) encourages health first, (2) believes that health is the base for beauty, and (3) wants women to enjoy dancing gracefully with, not against, Time.

I deliberately mention that she is a young woman. Because that was part of the appeal of writing this blog. To hang out with women of all ages who simply enjoy being women together. Not being laboratory rats racing backwards. Not frantically rushing through our days trying to artificially remake ourselves. Just females relaxing in the beauty of the moment. Ready to say to each other, “Happy Birthday” and not add the strange compliment, “Wow, you sure don’t look your age." Women not afraid of numbers, but afraid only of missing the value of each one. Women helping each woman treasure herself.

So I won’t run, and I hope you won’t either — because goPure wants women to feel supported, not intimidated. By nurturing healthy skin, goPure products help women be the best version of themselves. Our hope is that goPure is a welcoming place to linger, the way we women linger over warm mugs cupped between our hands on a cold day, looking kindly into each other’s beautiful, everyday faces and saying, “I am pro- you.”

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