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Not Your Grandma's Skin Care Routine

January 20, 2020 | BY Rhonda Telfer

Are you a label reader? I am. I like to know what’s in the things I buy. For example, I’m a sucker for sugar (how’s that for a bad pun?), but I’ve learned to check the grams before I indulge. Add to that my attempt to lower my carb intake, increase my protein, get more iron to avoid anemia, and phew! the numbers are a bit overwhelming, and I worry some statistic eludes me.

So when it comes to my skin care products, the last thing I want is another batch of labels to confuse me—or worse, mislead me.

It’s an interesting era for consumers. Our mothers used to go to the local store. In my little town, it was “Langford’s Pharmacy,” where you could also get greeting cards, cheap perfume, and some cosmetics. For customers like my grandma, you bought what looked prettiest and smelled the best.

Now there are products galore and outrageous claims.  But there is also social media, which, though often confusing, can expose companies that mislead us. I can take my time choosing the right skin care for me. I can read reviews, chat with knowledgeable customer service reps, and even do my own research. Here are a couple traps to avoid: big skin care companies can try to save on manufacturing costs by using less of the expensive active ingredients and more filler (or more water). But they don’t necessarily pass on the savings to you. It’s important to make sure to find quality skin care with powerful active ingredients that really work.

On the flip side of that “watered down” trick is the “more is better” fallacy.  If a company advertises, say “20% Vitamin C” or “3% Hyaluronic Acid,” those higher numbers indicate quantity, not quality. Just like anything, there are high quality ingredients and low quality versions of that same ingredient. One of the most important things I look for in skin care is the quality of each ingredient over its quantity.

So, while goPure products don’t have the highest percentages of active ingredients you can find out there, what goPure does have is a commitment to source the most pure, powerful ingredients available. No fancy packaging or unfounded claims. 
A key principle of goPure is that quality is far more important than quantity. Have you noticed that each container is designed to deliver just the amount you need? Bigger gobs are not better, not when the product is designed to deliver you best proportions of ingredients that goPure consultants (chemists and estheticians) recommend. Then they send each product through rigorous clinical testing.  Here’s what 100 women, after 28 days, reported:

-93% said their skin looked less tired.
-89% said their skin looked firmer and smoother.
-94% said their skin looked brighter and more firm. 
-87% said wrinkles seemed diminished.

That’s pretty impressive, considering how closely we tend to scrutinize our looks in the mirror, and how hard we women can be on ourselves! 

So ladies, whatever works for your skin (goPure or otherwise), choose a brand that puts quality above quantity. Take advantage of their wonderful customer service and ask the hard questions! For me, I’ve decided to trust goPure. I believe these products deliver exactly what my skin needs through powerful, high quality ingredients.









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