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Natural Products Have A Dirty Secret You’ll Want To Know!

November 04, 2019 | BY Stephanie George

Whether you’re looking at food or beauty products, you’ll find the word “natural” slapped on almost all the labels. Natural sounds good, so you grab one off the shelf feeling like you’ve made the right choice. But wait!

Sophie Uliano is here to set us straight! She’s letting us know natural’s dirty secret. The word ‘natural’ really doesn’t mean anything, since it is a legally unregulated term. After all, not all natural things are good for you. Lead is natural, but you’d never want to put that on your skin! When Sophie looks for green products, she’s not interested in a ‘natural’ label. She’s looking for clean beauty products that really work.


Check out her video as she sheds some light on the real meaning of "natural products" on her latest video:

These clean products are full of powerful active ingredients, in Sophie’s words, “pure, raw, cold pressed” ingredients such as Argon and jojoba oils. She believes we should be more interested in green chemistry over “natural” and that many “synthetic” products have gotten a bad rap they don’t deserve.  We have been told by big skincare companies we should choose products that are chemical free, but in reality everything is a chemical, not just those with a “synthetic” title. What matters in an ingredient is its quality, purity, and effects.


Synthetic chemicals are made in a lab rather than being extracted from something found in nature. For example, labs can build strong, pure vitamin C synthetics instead of extracting them from an orange.  These synthesized ingredients are built to effectively treat the look and feel of skin. Beauty products aren’t the only things carrying synthetic ingredients, most of the supplements we take every day are also synthetic.

Just because an ingredient is synthetic doesn’t mean it’s bad or toxic, especially when it comes to the ingredients goPure uses. A few of our favorite pro-aging ingredients are vitamin C and retinol. Both of these ingredients are considered by many to be the gold standard of skincare ingredients.

goPure’s Vitamin C is gentle and powerful. Created in a lab and (not freshly squeezed from an orange), goPure’s vitamin C products help to even the appearance of skin, with a fresh even tone and give your skin a healthy hydrated looking glow.

goPure’s Retinol is a vital part of a good skincare routine for women over 40.

Retinol is used to give skin a plump look, helping to melt away the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The best forms of Retinol are created in labs and are absolutely safe for most people to use. Of course, when using retinol, it is vital to apply sunscreen religiously!

So let’s go back and answer this question, which is better, natural or synthetic? It’s time we start to rely on a new metric - Green Science.

Remember the sneaky word natural? It’s so easy to trust, it’s just... natural! Next time you’re about to grab that “all natural” product off the shelf, remember that natural doesn’t have a legal definition. When something says natural, you really have no idea what you’re getting. Scary, right?

goPure’s mission is to provide women with pure, powerful ingredients that really work.. These powerful formulations are made without harmful chemicals, added fillers, and other nonsense often found in other skincare lines. That’s why so many people LOVE goPure! We’ve taken simple steps to ensure our high quality formulas are available at reasonable prices. By cutting out fancy packaging and retail stores, we’re able to provide you with pure, powerful ingredients for younger and healthier looking skin.

Special thanks to Sophie for helping us understand the difference between natural and synthetic ingredients. If this video has taken you by surprise, don’t worry! Most women are surprised to hear the dirty secret “natural” has been hiding, and how good ‘synthetic’ chemicals can be.

After watching Sophie’s video, do you look at ‘natural’ and ‘synthetic’ products differently? Let us know!

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