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Making this One Skin Resolution Can Help You Feel More in Control in 2020

December 29, 2019 | BY Rhonda Telfer

It’s 2020 already. Wow, a brand new year. Are you wondering what’s ahead for you?

Isn’t it funny that we talk about the unknown in terms of our faces? The expressions we use can even sound a little ominous: “What will I face?” “What are you facing?” “What kind of future will we face?” Those questions carry a sense that we should brace ourselves for scary or negative things that might come our way.

Personally, I really, really hope that 2020 is better than 2019. I had a very rough year. There were trials that about knocked me over, problems with no clear solution, people who really let me down, things I treasured that I lost, that can never be replaced. Everybody talks about New Year’s resolutions, but let’s face it (there’s that metaphor again), there is so much that we simply cannot control. As much as I think I would like to take charge of my destiny, I really have to expect the unexpected.

I can also be thankful for consolations, large and small, that come my way. And I can choose to put good things into my life. My goPure products are just that: good choices. They have a way of soothing not only my skin, but my mind. They give me a daily boost of confidence. They calm me down. Whatever a given day holds, I can make sure it starts and ends well. 2020 will be my first year ever in which, from Day One, I am following a complete skincare routine. The morning of January 1, 2020, I used my cleanser, toner, eye cream, serums and lotion. The evening of January 1, 2020, I did the same. I’m going to keep it up, all 366 days (did you know, btw, that 2020 is a leap year?).

I tell myself to face it: I’m not in charge of this world. There are more things about the world that are out of my hands than in them. But I can take charge of the basics: the healthy nurture of my skin. These products, packaged in pristine white, are lined up on my bathroom counter like my own private army of friendly allies. They help me be more confident, whatever I may struggle with.

One thing I do know about the coming year: I’m going to get older. So I’m committed to faithfully keeping my goPure routine, because it helps aging to show up more gently. Growing old becomes a positive. Sure, I’ll eventually get more lines and wrinkles. But I want them to be the result of good stuff: smiling more, laughing out loud, showing empathetic feeling to friends in need, and having a fresh glow because I paid attention to my health.

In 2020, there are bound to be battles and bad news that I wasn’t expecting. So much is out of our hands (another metaphor there). But you know, I really don’t want to be in charge of my whole world after all. There are too many things I’d likely mess up, misjudge or miscalculate. I might miss out on lessons I need to learn, and the strength I could gain from the inevitable struggles. So I’ll keep enlisting my goPure allies to nourish my skin and help me regain composure each new day.

Friends, I hope you are looking forward to 2020. As you “face” it, take care of your skin. Lovingly tend to it, regularly nourish it. Smile at yourself in the mirror. And keep those, friendly products lined up, because every day, goPure is pro-YOU.

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