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Is Your Hairstyle Giving Away Your Age?

March 25, 2020 | BY Jarah Burke

Do you look in the mirror and feel like your hair is looking worse for the wear? Or maybe you’re thinking your style needs a bit of an update?

While you're (probably) stuck at home, take a moment to figure out what your perfect hair style could be with just three quick steps!

If you’ve ever had a nightmare haircut you know exactly how much it can affect your confidence, style and just about everything else! 

Thankfully, the opposite is true as well. Proof?

Just check out this transformation by @jerielwithflirt 

Healthy, styled hair can give you back that youthful confidence you might be missing!

As a professional cosmetologist, one of the most common concerns from new clients is... 

“Does my hair make me look...old?”

Luckily, I have the answer for you.

It’s not necessarily what you would think! Grey hair isn’t always the culprit. Sometimes what really needs a refresh is your cut! A good example is this style from @jackmartincolorist. 

Grey wasn’t the problem at all! 

After years of helping women find their youthful spark I want to share a few secrets for healthier, younger looking hair with you!

You can find your dream new hair style by answering three simple questions:

  • What is your face shape?
  • What is your hair type?
  • How much time do you want to spend maintaining your hair style?

Start by identifying your face shape. Many women are a combination of these shapes, so try to figure out the shape you are most similar to.

If you answered: Rectangle Shaped 

You probably have strong facial features and a noticeable jawline. 

The goal of your hair style is to add softness and enhance your cheekbones. 

Do: Go for soft layers with volume and style with a blowout or curling iron. If you want to add bangs, try soft, rounded fringe instead of blunt bangs. 

Don’t: Go for blunt cuts, have strong lines in your style, or heavy straight across bangs. 

One of the hottest new trends we recommend for rectangle shaped faces is a “Curtain Bang”. This is what it looks like:

Rectangular shaped faces should generally avoid blunt bangs like this:

If you answered: Oval Shaped

You have one of the most versatile and can pull off a wide variety of haircuts! 

Your goal is to find a haircut you love! 

Do: Slightly-layered long bob with side bangs. If you have wavy hair, try embracing your natural texture with a beachy-long bob like this!

Ask your hairstylist for the product they recommend to enhance your natural waves. The a-line or “graduated bob” is also a great choice for women with oval shaped faces who like shorter hair, especially if you feel your hair is fine or thinning.

Try adding a little bit of layering especially around your face. This will help your hair have volume and movement, instead of leaving it feeling heavy and flat.

Don’t: With an oval face shape, you can pull off almost anything. There’s nothing in particular you need to avoid!

These are some of the trendiest styles for oval shaped faces.

I’d recommend you steer clear of these dated styles:

If you answered: Square Shaped

You probably have a strong jawline, cheek bones, and wider forehead. 

Your goal is to soften those features. 

Do: Try a side part, medium length with layers, and a side bang to accent the cheek bones. 

Don’t: Cut your hair to chin length (or shorter) or cut straight-across bangs.

Personally, I LOVE these trends for square shaped faces:

Stay away from these styles if you have a square shaped face:

If you answered: Heart Shaped

You probably have a narrow chin and jaw, wider cheekbones, and a broad forehead. 

Your goal will be to balance your face shape by minimizing your forehead and drawing the eyes towards your chin. 

Do: A long side-swept bang, curls, waves, and volume starting from the ears down, adding fullness around the jaw. 

Don’t: Part hair down the center of your head, cut straight across bangs, or add too much volume in the top of your hair.

Trends I love for Heart-Shaped faces:

Avoid these styles for heart shaped faces:

If you answered: Diamond Shaped

Your face is probably widest at the cheekbones, narrowing at the forehead and chin.

Your goal is to soften and balance your features.  

Do: a deep side part with a medium or long layered cut. Wear in loose waves or pull back into a ponytail. If you prefer shorter har, chin-length bobs can also be very flattering. 

Don’t: Cut excessive layers, or go for a voluminous short haircut.

Top trends for diamond shaped faces:

Diamond shaped faces should avoid these styles:

If you answered: Round Shaped

Your face is probably just about the same length from forehead to chin as it is from cheek to cheek! 

Your goal is to add definition and shape. 

Do: Long layered cuts with layers starting around the jawline, or try a choppy pixie cut, add to either style a short side bang that stops at the eye to add length to your face. 

Don’t: Blunt, single length cuts, bobs, and short layers or curls around your face as they will add volume making your face look rounder.

Styles that look best on round faces:

Women with round shaped faces should stay away from these cuts:

If you answered: Triangle Shaped

Your face is probably characterized by a strong jawline that narrows towards a small forehead.

Your goal is to balance out the strong jawline by moving the eye upwards towards the top of your head. 

Do: Cut layers that emphasize the eyes, cheekbones, or collarbones, try a short pixie, add side-swept or wispy bangs. 

Don’t: Cut a straight bob which will emphasize your jawline, cut full bangs or a long side bang, or add layering around your chin area.

Here are some of the best styles for women with triangle shaped faces!

Women with triangle shaped faces should generally avoid these styles:

If you answered: Oblong Shaped

Your face is probably more narrow with a longer chin and a longer forehead.

Your goal is to add shape, softness, and most importantly, width.

Do: Curls, waves, and volume to add over-all width to the face. Straight bangs falling below the eyebrow or long side bangs falling below the eye. Sort, angled bobs with layers also look great!

Don’t: Wear your hair flat, straight, or extremely long. Short bangs are also on the don’t list. Avoid adding volume in the crown and updos on top of your head that add height, making your face appear longer.

Styles that look great on oblong faces are:

Styles you should avoid if you have an oblong face:

No matter what your face shape is:

Your goal should be to merge your style with a haircut that best suits your face, hair type and lifestyle! 

Thinner hair usually looks best in a medium to shorter style.

Thicker hair may be more manageable in either a very short or long style. 

Finally, let's talk about lifestyle! 

Hair always looks better styled. That’s just the way it is, so it’s important to get a style that suits your lifestyle

How much time do you have to spend on your hair every day? 0 minutes? 10? 20? 

Being realistic with your stylist can help them give you a style that suits you.

Ask your stylist to teach you how to do your hair at home.

Ask how to refresh your style the second and third day. You can even practice styling your own hair with your stylist in the salon!

You should feel good about investing in your hair because it’s the one accessory you never take off!

As a stylist I’ve seen just how impactful a good haircut can be on a woman’s confidence and outlook on life.

I sincerely hope these tips help you feel as beautiful and confident on the outside as you are on the inside! 

For more tips, trends and ideas, follow me on instagram @JerielwithFlirt

By Written Jeriel Zuraw (Licensed Cosmetologist)

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