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Is There an Anti-Aging Treatment To Get Rid of Forehead Wrinkles?

September 22, 2020 | BY R. Motzell

Let's be real for a minute. Getting older, especially if you are a woman, can be challenging to say the least. Our mothers try to prepare us by telling us the horror stories of aging, but in our youth, we are reluctant to think it will actually happen to us.

And, then, one fateful day we inevitably look into that mirror on the bathroom wall and notice that things are starting to change on our faces. There are lines in places there once were not, wrinkles on our foreheads, indents by our smiles, and spots… yes, spots! They tell the world we didn’t wear our sunblock as much as we should have when we were younger, and we begin the process of trying to cover things up with concealers and foundations, but we still know they are there. Oh the joys of aging are bountiful and splendid. 

And, then one day, when we have simply had enough, we are faced with the decision of whether or not we should begin the process of injecting our faces with synthetic man-made fats and toxins to hide the fact that we are no longer in our twenties. But, isn’t there another way out of this doom and gloom scenario? Are shots full of botulism and liquid fats our only options to look younger again? Thankfully, the answer to that question is unequivocally, no.

Luckily for the women of today, there have been many advances in the world of anti-aging skin care products. Driving to the plastic surgeon's office to get botox and filler injections are not the only options anymore to reduce the signs of aging on our faces. There are so many topical anti-aging products now available that we can painlessly get back that youthful glow and firmness we took for granted in our younger years!

What Ingredients Work Best

The first ingredient to look for in a skin care product targeted at alleviating fine lines and wrinkles, especially located on your forehead, is a peptide called Matrixyl. 

  • Peptides are amino acids that make up proteins, like collagen and elastin, that are important to your facial structure. Your skin needs adequate amounts of these proteins to maintain a healthy, youthful looking structure. 
  • Collagen and elastin are what keeps our faces looking toned, firm and filled out. As we get older the collagen and elastin production our bodies once produced naturally starts to dramatically decline. This is when we begin to notice things like sagging skin and other characteristics associated with aging.

Matrixyl is a radical new type of peptide that helps with the common signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. It works particularly well at reducing the signs of crow's feet and forehead wrinkles from the skin on the face. Matrixyl works to rejuvenate tired looking skin by helping to even out skin tone, smooth and hydrate rough and dry skin, improve the overall look, feel and texture of skin, and plumps and firms sagging and thinning skin. Its goal is to produce lasting effects. It also serves as a protective barrier. 

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Dermaxyl is another peptide that can decrease the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, especially located around the eyes and on the forehead, as well as reduce the visibility of dark spots.

When you have reached your limit and want to step up your game in the fight against wrinkles then it’s time to start using a retinoid. Retinoids are derived from vitamin A and are extremely potent when applied topically and consistently, and can really work to improve the appearance of your skin. Retinoids can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by plumping the skin. This will ultimately result in a more youthful and filled out appearance. They can also work to improve hydration, help with uneven skin tone, and lighten dark spots. 

Retinoids are available in different strengths. You can either use a higher concentration that is available only with a prescription, or you can use a lower concentration which can be purchased over the counter. Both options will eventually lead to good results, but the over the counter versions will unfortunately take about 12 weeks for you to see results. 

These are the five most common retinoids used in skin care. 

  1. Retinaldehyde - OTC
  2. Retinol - strongest OTC
  3. Adapalene - gentlest form of prescription strength
  4. Tretinoin - (Retin-A) prescription strength
  5. Tazarotene - strongest form available by prescription

A great option is using an over the counter product that contains retinol, which is the strongest form of retinoid you can purchase without a prescription. This is a good place to start because retinoids in general can be very irritating to the skin, especially sensitive or dry skin. It is always a good idea to start out with a lower strength retinol product and work your way up depending on the results you are trying to attain. 

As mentioned, you need to start out slowly when introducing a retinol product into your skin care routine. Some research suggests using the product every third day for a few weeks until your skin gets acclimated with the product. 

After and dryness and flaking subside, you can start using the product every day. It is important to continue to use the product even if slight irritations continue so that your skin builds up a tolerance to the retinol. In some cases it might seem like your skin is getting worse before it is getting better. However, if you stop the treatment you will not get to see any of the benefits it can have on your skin. After about 10-12 weeks you will start to notice that your skin is looking tighter and firmer. Dark spots will lighten and your pores and imperfections will begin to look noticeably better. Make sure you use sunscreen while using a retinol product as well as retinol can increase your skin’s sensitivity to UV rays. 

The Recap

Depending on your individual skin care needs, an over the counter product utilizing peptides or retinol may be perfect for what you are trying to correct or repair. The best advice is to try and prevent the damage to your skin before it happens by always making sure to use SPF, but if you are past that point, then it’s time to be proactive about addressing your problem areas. 

Retinol is a great choice for forehead wrinkles and crow's feet, but remember to start slowly and always wear sunblock when using a retinoid product. And, really, you should be applying a good SPF everyday after you moisturize your face anyway! It’s a good habit to get into, and another way to prevent further damage from happening to your skin. 

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