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Is There A Right Time For Applying Body Cream?

January 12, 2021 | BY R. Motzell

What is Body Cream?

Body cream is a type of topical beauty product that can be used to moisturize and nourish your skin. 

This type of skincare product typically contains a combination of oil, water, and other ingredients that make it easy to spread on your face, hands, and other parts of your body. In the dry months of winter and throughout the rest of the year, your trusty body cream can be a lifesafer, keeping your skin from getting dried out and supplying it with highly beneficial nutrients.

A body cream is one of the heaviest products you can use as part of your beauty routine. 

Unlike more lightweight products like serums, toner, cleanser and exfoliator, body cream is more spreadable but contains a lower concentration of its main ingredients. 

The heaviness of body cream makes it highly spreadable and gives it its smooth texture, but it also means that it’s best to use this type of product at a specific time to make it as effective as possible.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the steps you can take to get the most out of body cream. In addition, we’ll give you a simple, step-by-step guide to using body cream with other beauty products. That way, you can be confident that you’re using your products to the fullest and reaping the benefits of the beauty-promoting ingredients in them.

What Kind of Body Cream Should I Use?

Our number one recommendation for a body cream to include in your beauty routine is our signature blend of vitamin E, avocado oil, sea kelp and other highly beneficial ingredients. 

goPure’s Nourishing Body Cream is designed to supply your skin with much-needed moisture, and each of its ingredients has a specific purpose for your skin. 

  • Vitamin E, a highly beneficial antioxidant, can help to keep your skin nourished and moisturized. 
  • Avocado oil, another natural moisturizer, adds to our body cream’s smooth, rich texture and increases its natural moisturizing properties. 
  • Sea kelp packs even more of a natural moisturizing boost for your skin. 

In addition, the lotion is made with 100% natural ingredients – that means no unnecessary artificial fillers or harsh chemicals that might irritate your skin.

Our signature body cream is a perfect fit for all skin types. 

Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or a combination of both, you can benefit from adding some moisture to your beauty routine. Moisturizing your skin can help to prevent irritation, dryness, and flakiness, all while keeping your skin looking youthful and refreshed.

One of the most important factors to consider whenever you choose a body cream or any other beauty product is whether it contains artificial dyes or fragrances. Some products may smell nice, but contain artificial scents that can end up irritating sensitive skin. 

Our body cream is naturally scented with a mild combination of cucumber and melon, giving it a subtly sweet scent without the need for artificial additives.

What Should I Use With Body Cream?

Body cream is best used in conjunction with other products that contain highly beneficial ingredients that cover other skin care needs on top of moisture. 

Some of these products are most effective when used before body cream, and others should be applied afterwards. A good rule of thumb to follow when applying products to your skin is to move from the lightest to the heaviest. 

In keeping with this rule, body cream and any other heavier products will be applied at the tail end of your morning or evening beauty routine.


The best way to start your daily skincare regimen is by using a gentle cleanser

A cleanser is a product that you apply to your face and then rinse off, making it ideal for starting out your beauty routine. Any products that you rinse off after use should always be applied before the ones that you’ll leave on your face – that way you won’t end up rinsing off the ones that should stay on!

A cleanser helps to remove dirt, oil, grime and makeup from your face before you apply the rest of your skincare products. Opt for a cleanser that is gentle, non-comedogenic, and made with all-natural ingredients. 

To apply your cleanser, simply rinse your face with water and spread a small amount of cleanser throughout your face with your fingers. Then, gently rinse off the cleanser, and you’re ready to move on!

After using cleanser, you can move on to the rest of the lightweight products in your beauty routine. That means any toner, exfoliator or serums that you’re including in your regimen. These products are absorbed most effectively by your skin when you put them on before using the heavier stuff – lotion, cream, gel and sunscreen.


Exfoliator can help to get rid of any dead skin that is sitting on the surface of your face, giving you a more refreshed appearance and even complexion. 

When you use an exfoliator, make sure to opt for one that is gentle – some exfoliators remove dead skin from your face with the use of harsh chemicals or rough particles. The harsher exfoliators have the potential to leave your skin raw and irritated. Sticking with a gentle exfoliator is better for your skin in the long run.


After you’ve applied exfoliator, you can move on to toner

Toner can help to remove any residue left behind by your cleanser, makeup or anything else that has been on your face prior to applying it. 

Putting on toner can also help you keep your pores clean and clear, giving you a more even appearance and minimizing the size of your pores.


A serum is a lightweight, liquid-based skin treatment that is perfect for supplying your skin with a high amount of a beneficial ingredient. 

You can use serums to get high amounts of beauty-promoting acids and antioxidants to your skin. Make sure you apply any serums you are using to your skin before moving on to any heavier products like lotion, cream, gel, or sunscreen.

How Do I Put on Body Cream?

Once you have finished putting the lighter products in your skincare regimen on your face, it’s time to move on to the heavier stuff. That means any type of cream, lotion, gel, or sunscreen will come out at this point.

Body cream is typically used on your hands and the rest of your body, but can also be used to moisturize your face. If you are using body cream as your moisturizer, all you need to do is apply a small amount of the cream to each section of your face, rubbing it in gently with small, circular motions, though it’s usually better to stick with face-specific moisturizers since they’ll have gentler, face-specific ingredients!

Once you have finished putting on the cream, you can finish out your skincare routine with a high-quality mineral-based sunscreen. Sunscreen will help to protect your skin from UV rays, and can balance out any extra sun sensitivity that you might experience from the products in your beauty routine. Some high-quality sun protection is essential for everyone’s everyday skincare. Whether you’ll be directly exposed to the sun’s rays or not, you can benefit from a generous amount of SPF each day.

How Often Can I Use Body Cream? 

You can use body cream to moisturize your hands and body as many times per day as you need to. If your skin gets periodically dried out throughout the day, applying cream whenever you need it can help ward off discomfort, irritation and cracked, brittle skin. 

For your face, moisturizing twice daily – once in the morning and once at night – is ideal. 

Your face can always benefit from moisturizer, even if it isn’t noticeably dry. Using moisturizer consistently can help to keep your skin from getting so dry that you notice it needing moisture. 

Sticking to moisturizing your face twice daily should help to combat any dryness you might be dealing with, but if your skin continues to get dried out throughout the day, you can use moisturizer as often as it’s needed.

Use Body Cream After a Shower To Lock In Moisture!

One of the best times to apply body cream to your skin is right after you’ve taken a shower. Using body cream when your skin is still damp can help you lock in moisture. In addition, if you love taking hot showers, body cream can help prevent any dryness that might be caused by the high-temperature water hitting your skin.

You can use body cream generously after each time you shower to keep your skin soft, smooth and nice-smelling throughout the day. 

You can also carry some of goPure’s all-natural body cream with you on the go to keep your skin moisturized at all times. A little bit of body cream on dry hands on a cold winter day can make a world of difference, and the high-quality ingredients in goPure’s body cream are sure to quench your skin’s thirst for much-needed moisture.


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