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How To Fix And Hide Dark Undereye Circles

August 19, 2019 | BY Stephanie George

Whether it’s genetics, a snoring spouse or, in my case, upstairs neighbors who seem to be taking part in a bowling competition at all hours of the night, the majority of us have dark under eye circles leaving us looking tired and older. You know it’s bad when everyone asks if you’re tired more. It’s inevitable that with age comes some unsettling lines, wrinkles and looser skin
but that doesn’t mean you have to throw in the towel and just let yourself go without self-care.

Many women can use topical products to improve the appearance of their skin, but those with more severe cases of skin conditions should see a Dermatologist who can guide them in the right direction to wake up those tired eyes and give a little boost to their appearance.

Using my favorite GoPure Beauty products and quality makeup, you’re able to smooth out and brighten up the appearance of your skin for a more youthful, radiant glow! From sultry Rita Moreno to the wonderful Lynda Carter, celebs not only know that genetics, a good diet and a great skincare regimen aren’t the only things that help them maintain a youthful appearance. Properly placed concealer under the eyes keeps them from looking as tired as they may feel on those ‘off’ days.

What’s Causing The Dark Circles?

There are many variable factors that contribute to the appearance of dark circles…

1. Dehydration from too much caffeine and alcohol

2. A poor diet especially high sugar, high salt

3. Genetic composition

4. Sleep deprivation

5. Sun exposure

6. Loss of Collagen

Choosing The Proper Concealer…You Need Know Your Undertone Type.

1. Blue or Red: enlarged blood vessels which can be a sign that an accumulation of fluid is being held

2. Brown: overproduction of melanin

You’ll Need A Concealer Two Shades Lighter Than Your Skin Tone And A Proper Color Corrector

First, find the color of your undertones… Looking at the inside of your wrist where your veins are, if you notice green or brownish color veins you have a warm undertone. Blues and purples give you an undertone that is on the cooler side. Once you’ve figured out the type of undertone you’ll need the proper corrector that when blended, will give a neutral base to properly start with a smooth slate.

You will need to know what colors work well with others…

1. Warmer tones and olive complexions use orange based correctors
2. Blueish tones use a purple corrector
3. Purple tones work best with a yellow corrector evens the tone
4. Reddish tones use a green tone to cancel it out

    My Fav GoPure Products To Use to Help Diminish The Appearance of Dark Under Eye Circles

    Retinol Facial Serum with hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and green tea and Retinol Crème. Helps thin undereye skin appear thicker so dark circles are less visible. Also helps with minimizing the look of under eye pigmentation.

    Vitamin C Serum with ferulic acid and aloe vera and the Vitamin C Moisturizer. Helps conceal a ‘hollow’ appearance as well as brightens and lightens the look of dark circles.

    Hyaluronic Acid Serum with vitamin C, green tea and vitamin E. Naturally found in our bodies, hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water so applying it to the skin post shower or face wash can help skin under the eyes appear plump, not hollow.

    Youth Glow Eye Gel with plant stem cells, hyaluronic acid, peptides and vitamin E. This gel is perfect to apply prior to concealer to avoid makeup creasing under the eye.

    Now It’s Time To Start The Coverage…

    1. Begin by applying your goPure daily regimen of products and wait for them to be fully absorbed.

    2. Start with a hydrating primer and apply all over your face in order to smooth and fill lines and wrinkles and allow makeup to glide on without as many creases which gives the appearance of looking younger.

    3. Using a full coverage, moisturizing foundation, apply dots on cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and under your eyes allowing it to ‘bake’ into the skin for about a minute then gently blend thoroughly with a blending brush, sponge or if you must with clean hands making sure you smooth it out without any streaks.

    4. With the color corrector that matches your undertones, apply the color underneath the eye dabbing gently with your ring fingers allowing the product to settle into the skin. Don’t worry if you can see the color as long as it’s blended and smooth as we’ll disguise it during the next step.

    5. Using a concealer that is two shades lighter than your skin, dab dots into an upside down triangle from the edges of the eyes down to the top of the cheeks giving a bright and lifted look when gently blended by dabbing with a sponge, your fingers or flat concealer brush.

    *You should not see any of the color corrector once the concealer is blended in.

    6. Apply a translucent powder lightly over the area for the concealer to set it in place so it stays put much longer.

    7. With a highlighter, apply dots along your brow bone, then creating sideways triangles around the inner and outer corners of your eyes then apply some gently along the cheekbones. Positioning the highlighter in these areas gives the appearance of an eye lift creating a youthful tone and texture around the eyes as it emphasizes bone structure reflecting the light.

    8. Spray with your favorite finishing spray or your favorite goPure Toner to keep skin refreshed, hydrated and smooth throughout the day.

    Voila! You’re steps closer to a rejuvenated look, turning the appearance of aging skin to boosting a more ‘awake’ appearance instantly making your eyes appear younger and healthier all with a little makeup magic. Like everything else, practice makes perfect so don’t expect to have those ‘perfect’ results right away, just keep trying till you’re comfortable. For those that aren’t used to makeup it may feel a bit ‘heavier’ than you’d like but to give a similar type of appearance you would find with invasive injections, this is the closest you’ll get to those results minus the syringe.

    Although concealing darkness and circles underneath your eyes with makeup isn’t a permanent fix, there are other ways to help maintain a more youthful glow without a hint of makeup. Little things like following a regular skincare routine, increasing your water intake and using a cold Jade Roller under your eyes before applying your makeup will help give your skin a healthy boost while diminishing the appearance of imperfections.

    They say that through your eyes a person can see your soul so show them all the love and that youthful sense of joy you’re filled with and share it with the world!

    Tell us, what’s your favorite concealer that you’d recommend to the rest of us ladies?


    About the Author:
    Stephanie Ivonne is a freelance writer and Licensed Esthetician and mother of 2.  She spends majority of her free time with her family and friends.  When she is not learning about Beauty and Wellness, Stephanie is a Florida girl and loves spending time doing Yoga, running 10ks, Snorkeling and her absolute favorite, Disney!

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