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How My Nighttime Routine Transformed My Sleep

July 09, 2020 | BY Rhonda Telfer

Media off? Check. Messes out of sight? Check. CPAP plugged in…yep, friends, I have to check that one, too.

The older I get, the more I need to pay attention to my nighttime routine. I have discussions with friends over things like the timing of a glass of wine, whether melatonin really works, the latest you can handle caffeine, and which essential oil I ought to try. I bought a good pillow for my neck, and I try not to drink water after six p.m. (if you don’t understand that one, I’m guessing you are under 50 ). 

I hate to think that I’m becoming a fussy old lady, but frankly, I’m more dependent on routines than I used to be. I also have to leave work worries and relationship “challenges” outside the bedroom door. To get a good night’s sleep, I need to create a retreat space.

A few months ago, I started using goPure. When I first received my complete premium skincare system, I was excited about having day and night skin treatment. But the sight of all those products gave me pause: would I have to add an extra half hour to bedtime? Cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, eye gel…how long was this going to take?

It turns out, the routine, like the amount these pumps and droppers deliver into my palm, is just the right size. I don’t keep track of the minutes, because it takes so few. What matters is that it’s step-by-step, each step signaling a deeper layer of care, a winding down and ending my day more serenely. 

If you’re like me, sometimes you need a reminder that you deserve these moments of rest. I used to worry about spending even these few moments on myself. What I’ve learned is that taking these few precious moments helps me be more healthy and productive in the long run than if I spend an extra 10 minutes scurrying around working rather than allowing my mind and body to relax at the end of the day.


Here’s my routine:

An indulgent warm shower, which is when I use the cleanser. When drying off, I dab my face with a towel (no scrubbing). Then I “pat” on the toner. Then I attend to something else for a moment, like figuring out which book I feel like reading (I have a habit of having several going at the same time…I’m re-visiting Little Women…but then again there’s the Fitzgerald biography…maybe some poetry…oh, oops, sorry, back to goPure!) AS I WAS SAYING, now that the toner is absorbed, I “tap” eye gel on, then I decide which serum’s “turn” it is (I use the Retinol  every other night). This is my massage-and-appreciate-my-face moment, those slow circles with my fingertips. I love including my neck (it got neglected before I used goPure). After the serum, it’s good to just breathe deep, slowing everything down, saying to myself, “This is good, I’m doing something good for myself,” and before I know it the serum is absorbed, and then, ahhh, the creamy moisturizer (again, Retinol every other night) that is exactly what bedtime should be: Luxurious. 

That’s it. Didn’t take long at all, and every step relaxed me. I should be able to fall asleep now; I mean, how can I feel uptight after gently massaging my face?
How about you? How has goPure helped you relax? How long is it taking you? Post some comments on your own bedtime routine, so we can all learn more about getting our best rest.
Here’s a silly thing: I need to brush my teeth first, because I like to smooth the cream into those creases that go right up to my lip (does anyone else rub Vitamin C moisturizer into their lips? I’ve been wondering if I should do that. Your thoughts?

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