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Holiday Glow

December 24, 2019 | BY Rhonda Telfer

Soon I’ll plug in my holiday lights for the last time. I’ll enjoy just a few more nights of their special glow. The bushes in my yard will be draped with twinkling colors through the end of the year. My tree will still be circled with strands of tiny starlight. I’ll light the green and red votives on the dining room table; I’ll smell the cinnamon and pine from candles that are aglow in their holiday glass. I’ll drink cocoa with friends and family around the fireplace for a few more long, lazy nights — until everyone scatters back to their everyday schedules.

I have a confession (and I wonder if you can relate?): For my whole adult life I’ve believed that I needed soft lights to look my best. I’ve thought, "Just put me across the table in a room lit by candles, and I can fake a lovely complexion. But please don’t wreck the moment! Don’t expose the real me! Don’t flip that switch for those bright overhead bulbs! Keep me in front of the fireplace, and we’ll all sing “you can even say it glows”—at least temporarily—about Rhonda’s skin.

But this fall I started using goPure products. And now I realize, I don’t need to fake it anymore. I don’t need ideal external lighting. My actual, really, true, everyday skin looks healthier and brighter. And friends, I really was a skeptic. When I first read the words “goPure facial serum Youth Glow trio kit,” I had to see it to believe it.

I do see it. I see it under my own bright bathroom lights. And I see it in the untouched photos on this website. Many of you have posted that your skin seems to have a healthier tone since you’ve started the goPure routine. I see you using the words “brighter,” “lighter” and “glow” in your testimonies. Now I’m ready to describe my skin in the same way.

I admit, the change is subtle. But that’s what makes me believe it will last. It’s not something I’ve achieved by external “special effects” or atmospheric lighting that just touches the surface. My skin appears brighter because it is absorbing the Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol serums that I am using routinely, day and night.

So after I’ve wound up the strands of Christmas lights, blown out the last candle, boxed up the holiday votives and said goodbye to loved ones who sat in front of my fireplace, I’m not going to be sad. I’ll enjoy these last days of special holiday glow. But then I’m going to stand in the regular, everyday light and feel content and confident about the way things really look.

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