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From Sailors to Skincare

June 09, 2020 | BY Rhonda Telfer

Pop quiz, ladies: What do an ancient sailor and your skin have in common?

Answer: Both of them need a daily dose of vitamin C!

Yes, we have maritime history to thank for our lovely orange and white containers of goPure Vitamin C serum and moisturizer. Here’s the story, in brief:

Even when they weren’t firing cannons or swashing swords, sailors faced a fierce enemy: a disease called scurvy. Scurvy wreaked havoc on their health. Their legs gave out, their arms bruised, their gums bled, they lost teeth, and you don’t even want to know what happened to their skin. Turns out the cure was fairly simple: those sailors needed Vitamin C! With no refrigeration, fresh fruits and veggies were tough to transport, but lemon juice was an easy fix. The story goes that members of the British Royal Navy began squeezing lemon juice into their rum, and hurrah! scurvy was kept at bay (pun intended).

In fact, Vitamin C was so powerful for these sailors that people started thinking… how else could this powerful little molecule be useful?

After years of research and testing, estheticians have discovered that Vitamin C is a vital molecule for skin to look and feel healthy. It has antioxidant properties that play a key role in skin care. From easing the appearance of dark spots, to giving skin a visible youthful glow, Vitamin C is a key ingredient. We get Vitamin C from foods, of course—but we can also hugely benefit the appearance of skin by applying it topically. That’s where goPure sets sail!

Are you ready to C major results? There are three easy ways to give your skin the daily dose of Vitamin C it’s craving! Starting with the Vitamin C Cleanser, then Serum, and finishing it all off with a rich, absorbent moisturizer packed with clean, effective Vitamin C!

You and I aren’t crossing the high seas, but our skin still faces risks. Aging can cause a decline in the Vitamin C content in our skin’s layers. Excessive exposure to UV light and air pollution can deplete “the C” as well. That’s just one reason why cleansing your skin with goPure Vitamin C is a vital part of your skin care routine. Then daily, topical application of your goPure Vitamin C serum and Vitamin C Cream continues adding an essential nutrient that is known to be involved in visibly improving skin. 

You may not be taking a luxury cruise anytime soon, but you can enjoy the luxurious feel of our Vitamin C packed products. What’s better than a moisturizer that goes on creamy and thick, and is also wonderfully absorbent? “Soothing” is one word goPure customers use for it. My favorite customer description of the cream is this straightforward one: “It makes my skin feel so good. Not heavy Not oily. Just a perfect glow.” 

I want that “perfect glow,” don’t you? That’s what these cheerful orange and white containers represent: a healthier journey. Call it “The Tale of the C,” a lesson on skin health and a hope that you will be well-nourished as you set sail into 2020. Be sure to keep goPure on board!

Ready to sea better skin? You can click here to shop our Vitamin C Skin Care Kit! By purchasing the kit you save a whopping 23% compared to purchasing each piece individually. Now that’s a deal even a salty sailor wouldn’t pass by!

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