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The Complete Tutorial For Makeup To Look Younger

April 16, 2020 | BY R. Motzell

As we age, we tend to outgrow certain styles and fashions that we used to adore. After all, it’s always good to switch up our looks as we grow. If you’re still doing the same makeup routine from 10 years ago, then it’s probably time to take it up a notch. The looks that work on you when you were 30 may not be as relevant to you now especially that our skin grows with us. It needs extra care and you’ll probably need more tricks up your sleeve to hide those wrinkles. 

 For that, we’ve got you covered! Watch as our beloved 44-year old GoPure Beauty Ambassador Trina Albus goes through her make-up routine and divulges top make-up application tips that work well for her and women her age.

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We saved you the hassle of taking notes! Here are some of the top points mentioned in the video:

  • Start with an eye cream with SPF by Philosophy to protect your eyes from the sun and prevent crow’s foot. Apply the goPure eye serum to boost the anti-aging properties.

  • goPure’s Vitamin C serum can help revitalize and refreshen your skin. It preps up your face as a healthy canvas for your make-up.

  • Apply a BB or CC cream for some coverage. For this video, Trina used Yensa, a full-coverage BB and CC cream with SPF40. Opt for products with SPF for sun protection. Use a foundation brush by Beautypie to perfectly blend the product into your skin.

  • Apply for more coverage on areas that have discoloration or hyperpigmentation. 

  • For eye bags or dark circles under eyes, gently apply orange-colored eye cream by ColorFX so it cancels out the darkness.

  • Be careful with the amount of concealer (NARS radiant concealer is a good product!) that you apply as it sometimes settles into the fine lines. Trina used an applicator brush from MODA to evenly blend the concealer and eye cream.

  • Use the Babe eyelash serum to lengthen your eyelashes to make them look fuller. 

  • Set your make-up using a translucent powder (Trina used Beautypie’s loose setting powder) for a long-lasting look. 

  • Use a bronzer (Hoola Benefit Bronzer) to warm up your face. Sweep it across your face and neck using the brush from Beautypie.

  • Protect your neck with an SPF lotion, serum or sunscreen. In the video, Trina features the Color Science sunscreen. 

  • Re-apply SPF protection at least two-three times a day especially when you’re spending your day outdoors.

  • Apply some blush to give your face some colors using the hourglass lighting brush.

  • Brush your brows with a Spoolie and fill your brows using a brow pencil. Opt for angled brow pencils like that of Benefit’s goof proof brow pencil as they are easier to apply. Set your brow make-up with a clear brow gel from Benefit.

  • Brighten up the eye area with an eye shadow. In this video, Trina used the Lorac Palette. With your fingers, pick up a shimmery or light eyeshadow color and gently tap into the hood of your eyes.

  • Use Shue Uemera’s mascara to lift up and curl your eyelashes.

  • Add a pop of color to your lips with a good lip cream, balm, or lipstick. It’s always best to choose a lip product with skincare benefits like Iris & Romeo’s lip balm to make you look more youthful and hydrate your lips.

And there you have it! Amp up your look and stay youthful-looking with these simple but game-changing make-up application tips. 

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