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Easy Tips To Help Keep Your Skin Looking Healthy This Summer!

June 11, 2019 | BY Stephanie George

Just like every other season, you need to protect your delicate skin from the extreme heat and powerful rays…your skin needs you now more than ever. Regardless the time of year or the type of weather a strictly followed skincare routine should always be in place even as we’re sitting inside avoiding those harmful rays waiting for us just outside. Let us help you get some fresh air and enjoy this beautiful weather without damaging your skin with some quick tips…

Eat Foods That Will Save Your Skin This Summer!

According to Eat This, Not That, there are foods you could be eating that may help in protecting your skin from the sun. Eating both vitamin E and vitamin C can lower the risk of sunburn including salmon, tomatoes, melons and berries (perfect for summer strawberry and blueberry salads!).

When It Comes To Your Regimen Focus On…

1. SERUMS. Concentrated liquid serums during the hotter, sweatier months are perfect to apply. Lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin unlike those thicker creams causing you to sweat more with their heaviness. Use thicker creams in the evening for bed. Get the serums here.

2. EXFOLIATING IN THE SUMMER. Proper exfoliation is great to remove those dead, but when exfoliating we also allow other skincare products to work even better, penetrating deeper. Get the exfoliator here.

Remember Always Have Sunscreen With You…

Wearing sunscreen is a no brainer. So simple and no matter the season, sunscreen should be applied any time you step foot out of the house or sitting alongside a window. In the hot summer months try those lightweight formulas that absorb well into the skin without the heavy feeling.

1. Wear SPF 50+ that helps fully protect your skin for up to 2hrs before reapplying.
2. Look for SPF protection even in your lip products.
3. Keep a travel size with you for easy application.

Carry Your Water In Style!

The warmer weather calls for more water! Whether you’re Team Plastic Water Bottle or Team Tap Water, the summer needs you drinking even more than before to avoid those awful headaches and dizzy spells caused by dehydration.

1. Pick up a cute reusable insulated cup with straw to always have ready without having to look for something to drink. (The cute design make it more ‘fun’ to carry it around since it’s something you enjoy looking at)



Always Be Fashion Conscious.

It’s not about the designer of your purse, but it’s about being fashion conscious with what you wear protecting yourself from the sun. is a great source of tips and tricks on how to keep your skin protected.

1. Stylish wide brim hats give full protection covering more skin in all angles than a typical baseball hat would.
2. Only wear sunglasses that are UV filtered.
3. Choosing tighter clothing may protect from harmful rays. The clothing that are tightly woven together allows for less UV rays to shine through.
4. Look for fabrics like polyester, lyrica and nylon which give more protection than those bleached cotton pieces in your closet including that favorite loose flowy summer tank top you just purchased.

Prepare Your Summer Makeup Bag.

1. LIGHTWEIGHT FORMULAS. Always look for those with additional SPF benefits and not just makeup coverage. Rather than using those heavier, thicker types of foundations, try using tinted lotions or simply add a dab of foundation to your favorite lightweight moisturizers (my favorite way to wear my foundation) enough to get a slight glow instantly picking up tired looking skin while giving the skin some more room to breathe. 

2. FIGHT EXTREME SHINE. For those that tend to get shiny, oily skin that gets worse with a face full of makeup, look for matte products. Matte makeup doesn’t work well with aging skin as its job is to cut the luster and shine from oils so those with severely oily skin would benefit more than those with dry or combination skin.

3. DON’T FORGET THE TONER. Toner should have more praise than it actually gets. Cleaning and shrinking the pores allowing for extra protection from pollutants and balancing the skin’s PH isn’t just it. Toner also soothes, refreshes and hydrates skin even in the hottest of months. *Tip: Buy an empty trial size spray bottle and fill with your favorite goPure toner to have with you wherever you go. Carry one in the cooler when you’re at the beach or laying out at the pool to give your skin a quick little ‘chilled’ pick me up! Get the Toner here.

4. BLOT AWAY EXCESS OIL. You can find convenient blotting sheets sold in small packs to blot away any excess oil throughout your busy day. These sheets pickup just the oil and not your makeup which is great for those who don’t have the time or energy to constantly reapply. *Quick tip, save Starbucks napkins when you have them as they work almost as well as blotting sheets! I always have a few folded in my handbag!

So You’ve Gotten Sunburnt…What Should You Do?

Some summer skincare tips for sunburn are simple and can help avoid further damage.Even the pros get sunburnt at one time or another and can relate to all that discomfort (especially that first shower!) When you get sunburnt you need to take extra care of your damaged skin allowing it to heal properly.







2. COVER MORE. Wearing clothes with fabrics that are tightly woven make it difficult for the sun’s harmful rays to penetrate through it.

3. DRINK MORE WATER! When the skin is sunburnt, it brings the fluid to that area reducing the amount left in the body giving a person a higher chance of getting dehydrated. Drink at least half of your body’s weight in water but for those who drink many caffeinated products they suggest 3x the amount! Better start drinking!

4. MOISTURIZE PROPERLY. When it comes to sunburnt skin you need to find products that will sooth the burn such as moisturizers with aloe or soy ingredients to calm and not aggravate the sensitive areas. Get the Vitamin C Moisturizer here.

5. COOLER SHOWERS AND BATHS. Although the feeling of a warm shower feels amazing to many, now is not the time to take one. Taking cooler showers and baths will help the pain of the burn so the experience to not be as painful. After you step out of the shower gently pat yourself dry carefully applying your moisturizer while skin is somewhat damp, allowing for better absorbance of the product.

6. LET YOUR SKIN BREATHE. If you don’t need to don’t wear makeup and allow your poor sun damaged skin to get some air and breathe. Throw on eye liner and mascara to wake those tired eyes up but keep the face bare.

Times have definitely changed from the days of laying out in the hot summer sun with a head full of Sun In, a body covered in baby oil and a handheld reflector with absolutely no SPF to save us. Now with the knowledge we have about the potential damage that UVB (sunburn damage) and UVA (signs of aging) rays have to our skin’s health we have to take daily cautions. With an estimated rate of approximately 9,500 diagnoses of skin cancer EVERY DAY according to, the risk of being out in direct sunlight can cause serious injury more than just a sunburn if left unprotected. Don’t be a statistic.

Step out in style protecting that gorgeous summer skin with a stylish hat and a water bottle in hand and go and enjoy this beautiful summer weather! What summer skincare tip have you always followed that you share?




About the Author:
Stephanie Ivonne is a freelance writer and Licensed Esthetician and mother of 2.  She spends majority of her free time with her family and friends.  When she is not learning about Beauty and Wellness, Stephanie is a Florida girl and loves spending time doing Yoga, running 10ks, Snorkeling and her absolute favorite, Disney!

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