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Does Your Skin Pass The Magnifying Glass Test?

February 04, 2020 | BY Rhonda Telfer

Does anyone remember their first lighted make-up mirror? I do. I was fourteen, at an age when I was already starting to feel keen dissatisfaction with my body—or rather, with its various parts. I disliked my skin tone (freckles), shape of my nose (too round on the end), big feet (hadn’t grown into them yet).

And then for my birthday, I got the gift I’d begged for: a Clairol “True to Light” mirror. It stood on its own, upright as a judge, passing sentence on every one of my facial parts. In fact, I could spin it around to MAGNIFY all the evidence of my defects. And the mirror would cross-examine them in three kinds of light settings: “Day” “Evening” and “Office” (for me, that meant “How I look at School”). I could lean in close and study my chin crease, my right temple, my too-light eyelashes. Verdict: Flawed. Conclusion: a lighted magnifying make-up mirror in the hands of a female is hardly a self-esteem builder.

I have never met a woman (not to mention a teen) who was not deeply dissatisfied with at least one part of her body. Think about the conversations that we typically have, picking ourselves apart:  fading hair color, blooming girth, looser neck shape, etc.

And think of the beauty campaigns that break us into pieces: “Get Firmer Abs!” “Melt that Arm Flab!” “Burn those Buttocks!” Even makeup tips can suggest we aren’t good enough, such as how to give the illusion of more angular cheekbones. Have you ever felt like screaming, “Stop picking on me!”?


This is where goPure is really, really helpful. And so much kinder to women. Sure, goPure has a product that targets one body part: the Youth Glow Eye Gel. But its purpose is hydration, not rejection. The gel is lighter and more fluid than a traditional eye cream, and so it absorbs more easily. It’s purpose is to enhance your glow, not to disguise your supposed flaws. There is no rhetoric or claim attached to the product that scolds you about “ugly bags” that you need to “hide.” goPure just wants that area of delicate skin on a woman’s face to be as healthy as it can be.




In fact, the entire goPure System is designed around health, hydration and enhancement of who you already are. And THIS is who you are: a uniquely designed woman, not a creature of patched-together pieces, with some faulty construction (like a Frankenstein monster!). goPure products use cruelty free, tested ingredients like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, aloe, and rich botanical oils, all meant to give overall nourishment, not alteration.

Nothing in the goPure marketing says, “Lean in close and enlarge your face so you can see your flaws better.” No. You stand tall in front of the mirror, you work each serum and each cream into your whole face and neck (and that area with the lovely French name: your “décolleté”).  goPure is saying “Take care of YOU,” not “Get rid of all that bad stuff in 10 easy steps.”

So goPure, thank you for not picking on me. Thank you for giving me a line of individual products designed for something whole: a healthier me.

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