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Customer Spotlight: Pamela Knighton

December 11, 2018 | BY Erin Driess

We are going to shift a little from our regular blog posts to spotlight one of our customers, Pamela Knighton.  We decided to share some customer highlights on our blog because we wouldn’t be here and do what we do if it wasn’t for our customers! We love our customers and we love their stories, results and experiences with goPure products. We have some customers that I, Erin Driess, have had the pleasure of speaking with on the phone and really loving their success with goPure. One customer, Pamela Kinghton, called and I spoke with her and she blew me away with the results she experienced with goPure. She was telling me how much these products have changed her life as she has more confidence in her skin and her husband is loving the way her skin looks so overall she feels more confident and happy in the skin she is in.  We asked Pam some questions and we would love to share her answers with you along with a video that she created!

Pamela Knighton, Woman, 50 years old.

Question: Pam, can you give us a little information about your skin care routine growing up?

Pam: When I was in my 20's I sold Clinique skin care and tried to stay out of the sun. I like that they instilled in me to protect my skin and exfoliate. great company. Just out of my budget these days. My 30's were all about raising babies and I was that generation of mom's that put everything on the back burner and everyone else before myself including my skin care. I honestly did nothing for my skin that I can recall. It is all a blur (not kidding) I reached a point in my 40's where I needed to find me and stay healthy, I started to reinvest in my body,mind and skin. I used nothing but, coconut oil as makeup remover and my skin care lotion.. up until last Spring when I stumbled across this Facebook ad for three serums.

Question: What made you decide to give goPure a try from just seeing an ad?

Pam: What caught  my eye was that you market to women my age with imperfections, wrinkles and years of smile lines. I always read through the comments and not only were people raving about their results, your kind, thoughtful, encouraging responses made me pull the trigger and give goPure a try.

Question:  Have others noticed a change in the appearance of your skin since using goPure?

Pam: My husband has noticed a big change in my skin as well as my hands. Another person that noticed the change is a professional photographer friend of mine that was looking for a woman in her 50's for a photo shoot. I said I was available. Her reply, "You don't look old enough." Thanks goPure for turning back the clock this past year.

Question: What is one of your favorite products?

Pam:  I needed to take my skin care needs up a notch and so I have tried everything you make and sell and love them all but the Rosehip Oil is one of my top faves!

Question:  Did you have any major concerns before trying goPure?

Pam: I am a Celiac that is allergic to almost everything under the sun (no joke) however, there is nothing that I am allergic to in goPure.  So after reading the ingredients, I was thrilled that I am able to use the products and I take that as a win!!!

Question: Is there anything else you want to share?

Pam:  I really feel that goPure offers exceptional skin care, high quality at an affordable price. Thanks goPure for making me feel younger and helping me get back some confidence!  I am a customer for life!

Check out her video about goPure here:

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